YO people what do you thik about the x convinct

i wanna buy it but from other sait.with k pads and shims so what do you think
i dont want proto or northstar

I really like mine. They are really nice when it comes to regens.

I love mine. Almost as much as my HM.

I believe they use o-rings btw… :wink:

X Convict was my first intermediate yoyo. It’s excellent for beginner to advanced. It has a nice sharp profile that cuts through string layers, good weight, adjustable gap with o ring response. And when you don’t need response anymore, you can take the o rings out and silicone it, add thick shims and you have a totally unresponsive throw. A good choice overall if you are a yoyojam fan.

I’ve actually been getting some great enjoyment out of my little brother’s X Convict for the past couple days. Flowable silicone response and tightest gap setting is where it’s at.

no people im not a beginer and i ll buy it + k pads what do you think about the play
i can do lots of tricks

I think people said what they think above.
It’s a great player.
It can do lots of tricks, just like you.

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Did you have anything specific you’re looking to get out of this thread? We’ve all told you that it’s a great yo-yo, and if you have anything specific you’re wondering about it myself and others I’m sure would be more than willing to give you some insight. You just have to ask us specifically so we can figure out what it is we should tell you.

Its an awesome throw, but K-pads will not fit in the response. It’s meant to have o-rings but you can take them out and silicone it.

What are you trying to know?

Here ya go…

X-ConVict review.

And more…

That should hold you for a bit.

thenks people im looking for the overall play because i cant try it

Almost half of the posts in this thread are talking about overall play. Great.

Nor sure what more can be said about that. It’s a good player.

I hate mine. I got it expecting an unresponsive yoyo, and when I took it out of the box, it was 100% responsive. It’s adjustable gap so I twisted it looser until it was unresponsive. This worked except that after every two throws the string got caught between the bearing and bearing seat. This frayed a bunch of my strings. I ordered a pair of red shims, but it was still responsive. Then I ordered silicone o rings and put them in. It wasn’t flush, so it was unresponsive but incredibly loose binds. I made it flush on one side and no response on the other. Now it’s unresponsive, but has a wimpy spin time, a ton of vibe, and it’s not smooth at all. Just get something else.

Your problems w/ the X-Con are do to how you have it setup. Your best bet is to clean the bearing, Keep the red shims in, take the o-rings out, and silicone the response grooves. Having only one o-ring in is not a good idea, there just isn’t enough friction with one for it to work properly. If you still don’t like how it plays, then its just not the right yoyo for you.


Spoken like a true sage.

slim size k pads fit i did for my friend and with shims its an amazing throw i recomend