x convict

So I’me thnking about getting the xconvict but I wanted to know to guys here think about it.

It is one on my favrite metal rimmed yoyos.

Good choice for sure.

X-convict is one of my favorite yoyos but I like the mini motu better but I like under sized yoyos

The X-ConVict is good, get it, and you’ll love it.

Yeah, dude. The X-ConVict is awesome. Very comfortable shape. Double-O-ring response. Very easy to silicone.

It’s a great value and I highly recommend it!

is it responsive right out of the box and if it is and i silicone it will it make it unresponsive.

It comes unresoponsive. :wink:

Definitely a good buy…alongside a DM and a new breed…when you get it though, get shims to widen the gap :slight_smile:

the gap is ajustable yo dont need shims >:(

It gets annoying when you have to keep adjusting it when you get a knot and you open it and, there’s a higher chance of bending the axle.

thanks i dindnt know you could do thay i bought some shims for mine ;D ;D

no, if you tighten it all the way it becomes sorta reponsive, or sometimes fully responsive

no only if you have a beast sleeper and you take it right up some times. i have on thats beast. like it better than my 888

Its one of my favorites u should defietly get it

I just wrote a review on it. Its really good. 8)

my friend has the xconvict and he looooooooooves it I recomend it im geting one :wink:

one of my favourite throws in general, and by far my favourite metal rimmed yyj, i would like another one eventually

the X-convict is my main throw cuz its soo cool/nice