YYJ XConvict


Just received my new XConvict today :o Man…what a difference between my Big Ben. For one, it has a smaller form factor which judging by pictures is more in line with the more advanced metals. It’s heavier than my BB. Out of the box, it was tightened down pretty good which made it extremely responsive. I ordered some Poly string which i quickly slapped on, and widened the gap by not tightening it down so much and then threw…it sleeps so dang well for being stock. I love the metal whizzing sound it makes which makes me wonder if the metal body makes the difference as I’m sure my BB uses a similar bearing but doesn’t make any where near the same noise…which is music to my ears ;D I love this yo yo and I’ve only had it 5 min. Just had to post and let any one looking to get one…do it…you won’t be dissappointed.


I agree. With so much rim weight it seems you’re throwing an all metal yoyo. I don’t have one, but I’ve thrown one. I might get one.


I have a Vict too and I really like it. Out of the box is was way too responsive for my liking. What worked for me was throwing in some YYJ red shims and some flowable silicone. After that this thing was awesome. I would recommend these two mods as they are really easy and make a huge difference.

Dont really like the o-ring response that it came with. Kept turning my string black :-[


Right out of the box my xconvict was okay for the tricks I was doing but in the middle of a talent show the axel snapped it went flying and almost nailed someone after a week of using it. Maybe mine was a defect but i still hate it because I lost the talent show and it still broken because half the axel is stuck in it for good.


This thread was the source of much confusion for me until I realized that yoyofan had responded to a year old thread, and they weren’t talking about X-Con Pros…


Too old… I request a thread lock : /