X-Convict review My first one!!!!!

Yoyojam’s X-Convict Review

This is one of JD’s 5 signature yoyo’s and arguably the best one of the five. With it’s unique profile, long spins and incredibly smooth play it is definitaley one of my favourite’s and it is a great yoyo at an affordable price.

Product Spec’s

Weight (g): 67.5
Width (in): 1.58
Diameter (in): 2.13
Response type: Double o ring
Bearing Sive: Size C

First Impressions

When I opened the box I pulled out the X-Convict and Instantly noticed it’s comfortable shape and the size which is about average or a bit undersized. Which is my favourite size and was an upgrade from my black knight which I thought was a bit to big for my liking. The rims on this thing looked amzing it is so cool. The rim’s are just so clean and a perfect shape so it fits in the hand Just right in the hand.

First throw and play.

When I first threw this thing down I was amazed at how smooth it was. I like Yoyojam but with my expierence with them they’ve had some vibe. The X-Convict had a little if you had a bad throw but it would fix itself within a couple of seconds. The Play of this thing is awesome it feels really floaty so you could go really fast with it and because of it’s size it could fit through tight places Of the string so it is really good if you like to do tech tricks. This thing can sleep forever because of the rim weight so if you like to do long complicated tricks it is good for this.

The Insides

This is the only bad thing about this yoyo. I thought it was to grabby. But this thing was not responsive just grabby. So I put in a few home made shims and it was fixed of that problem. So if your going to get this yoyo I suggest you get some silicone pads and some shims because when you try ad loosen up the gag it tightens back up when you play because the axel is not tight enough.

Feel and Comfort

This thing feels great in the hand as I said before, The shape is like a combonation of angular, and a rounded shape so it feels more comfortable then my black knight . And the size is perfect because It doesn’t feel to big like it’s taking up every inch of your hand to hold and it doesn’t feel to small lie you can barely feel it in your hand. These are egzagerations (spelling) obviously but What I mean is that it feels really good in the hand.

Closing thoughts

This thing is great so smooth and perfect, well almost anyways . So if your thinking about getting this thing but your not sure don’t hesitate to get it. it is so good and i put getting this thing off for a long time and regret doing so. And another thing I forgot to mention was this things play for 5a. I can’t describe it it just works so well.

I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for reading. Critisizm is appreciated.

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GREAT first review!!! ;D

The only thing I thought you needed, was maybe some pictures of the yoyo, but other than that it was awesome!

Keep up the GOOD WORK! :wink:

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I would have it’s just I have no idea how to upload pictures because I am terrible with electronics.

OH MAN… SAME HERE dude! I feel ya! That’s one of the reasons why I don’t write reviews… I don’t know how to upload pics and I heard that pics were one of the key things :-. Oh well… Great review though! You did sooo much better than what I would’ve done. ;D :smiley: :wink: