Review: Yoyojam X-Convict

Review: Yoyojam X-Convict


Weight- 67.60 g
Width- 40.20 mm
Diameter- 53.98 mm
Gap Width- 3.32 mm
Bearing- Large “C” size
Stock Response- YYJ Dual o-ring

Look and Feel

I love angular shaped yoyos, I always have, and the X-Convict is angular but still very comfortable, something most angular shaped yoyos aren’t. I like the look of the wide rims, it just looks more like a metal, and I’m going to polish them to a nice shine sometime in the near future.


The weight was a big surprise to me, even though it says 67g it feels more like 64 or 65g. I suspect this is due to the rims going into the gap more than most YYJ’s thus spreading he weight around more evenly. On the first throw I didn’t really like it, but once I threw it for a bit more I started to really like it. I notice the more even weight distribution the most during 5a, it makes it sorta floaty. It seems to make everything much easier.

Response and Bearing

O-rings are horrible, take them out and dispose of them immediately. After I put red RTV in, it was like a whole new yoyo. Not much to say about the bearing setup other than i hate the YYJ set up with the adjustable gap. I made some shims out of an old gift card and it made the gap a bit wider but it crushes them when I screw the yoyo together. I’m going to get metal shims at some point to keep the gap constant.


I love this yoyo. The even weight distribution makes it so much fun to play, it seems to float around the string. Now that 5a is my main style ive found this to be my favorite 5a yoyo with my fhz in a close second. It seems to lend itself to 5a very nicely, and its very very stable due to the fairly high wall the angles create.

Final Thoughts

The X-Convict is so much fun, and I feel that it is one of the best YYJ hybrid yoyos (if not the best, but I have not tried them all). I would highly recommend this particularly for 5a, and it has become one of my favorite yoyos, ive been taking it with me everywhere I go for the last week and a half, and its the first time ive carried a yoyo with me all day, I like it that much.

-I would have pics but I dont have a camera with me at school-


Good review! It could use a little more detail on how the yo-yo plays though. Oh, and the vict is a double o-ring yo-yo, not a hybrid.

hybrid as in plastic with metal rims

The X-Convict was my first yoyo with any metal on it and I love it to this day. Good review.

i agree with the above post, it also was my first hybrid yoyo/yoyo with metal in it :smiley: and i love it a lot too, just that mines skrewed up cause i lost my silicone and 1 side has a o ring and 1 side has nothing LOL

You have answered all my problems.Im getting one!

Can you make this yoyo responsive?

Yeah, you can set it to what ever response you want.

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Wow SR you are every where i look lol. But thank you so much for all your help :))

You are welcome. I just look at the recent posts alot, and try to help people out. I’m quick to post but I’m not a ninja or anything.

Samad is the only ninja here…

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Anyways, good review!!!
Better some other reviews that i have read here on the forums, very organized. ;D