I want to buy the X-ConVict yoyo. How good is the X-ConVict and whats it about?

I want to know everything about the new X-ConVict and what it is all about.

It’s heavy, and it hurts when it catches and you’re not ready. The double O-ring is a little too responsive for my tastes. I didn’t try to modify the response, but it’s tempting. I like my Legacy more.

Great yoyo, wide, small, long reliable spins, speedy, or slow, and great for grinds.

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next time put this under yoyo reviews. but it is a great yoyo.

dude how have you played with so many yoyos or are you just making this up

First of all, his friend has an X-ConVict. Secondly, when he went to the SoCal contest, he got to try a lot of yo-yos from other people.

Thank you Kim-Lan :slight_smile:

ok fine a take that as an anwser

dude have u seen my video? my 1min freestyle? ive used a exconvict there.

this is my mode for the exconvict
kk bearing
silicon responce

trust me it will be a kickass yoyo!

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Uh, no. Next time put this under general discussion. YoYo reviews is for reviewing yoyos you have, not asking if a yoyo is good or not.

well not to be rude but a lot of people ask if a yoyo is good or not in the review section

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The X-Con? Easily the best of the PMH stuff that Jam makes, and I own and love both the Dark Magic and Hitman.

We can talk about response and gap until we’re blue in the face, but the shape alone is what sold me on it. There isn’t a better shape, IMHO.

I would have to agree, but something else comes to mind. I suppose some people look at the Review section of YYE as a “Need A Recommendation, Need A Review?” Section. However, unless we have one, I suppose it should go under general.

Personally i love the x con i have had it for over a month and have progress so far sure at time its very responsive but ithat what the adjustable gap and lube is for right

This is what it says on the yoyojam official site.
Product Description
The updated version to the X-Con.
Built stronger with better weight distribution. From the mind of Johnnie DellValle this wide metal rimmed yo-yo plays completely different than anything you have played with yet.
Double o-ring response.

Skill Level Advanced
YoYo Shape String Trick (Wide Gap)
YoYo Material Polycarbonate/Aluminum
Bearing Large Bearing
YoYo Weight 66 grams
Outer Diameter (inches) 2.1 inches
Yo-Yo Width 1.59 inches
Cap Diameter 1.65 inches
Response Type Standard
O-Ring Type Standard Rubber O-Ring
Axle Size Standard Axle
Gap Type Adjustable