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My second quality review, part of SR’s Yo-Yo Reviews. See other reviews by clicking the picture at the bottom of the post! Enjoy!


The X-ConVict by YoYoJam comes from the mind of 2003 World Champion Jonnie DelValle. This yo-yo has become a front runner in the YoYoJam Bi-Metal Series.

First Impressions-

Ah, the classic YoYoJam box. You can see the yo-yo through the transparent covering, so you know what you are playing with.

When you open the YoYoJam box, you’ll find you X-ConVict and a colored string on it, with its beautiful metal rims, glowing in the light of the sun. The design on the caps is very edgy and cool looking also.

Product Play-

I really like the X-ConVict! The yo-yo fits into your hand great, and almost feels like it’s an undersized yo-yo. It has a stable spin, too. This spins for a pretty long time; 2 minutes 35 seconds on a good, average throw. Like most high quality yo-yo’s, this one is smooth, but not as smooth say a PGM. It’s great for unresponsive tricks, and binds with ease.


Overall a great yo-yo, great play & feel, great for all tricks and most definitely is worth purchasing. I would recommend this yo-yo to a friend, and rate it 8/10.


Nice review! Keep going. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

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Cool review, darn, you beat me to it, I was gonna write a review of this. lol! :smiley: Any way, your review is GREAT!

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Thanks so much!


good review SR. I am looking foward to seeing more from you.

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Thanks! More to come!


Nice review! I like how it’s short and neat, it makes it easier to read


I too like short reviews. Pics do make a review much more likeable, however. 2 thumbs up from me. O---------

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Awesome! Well written! But Pictures would help. :slight_smile:


Yeah, pictures would be great :wink:

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Nice! But like everyone said. Pictures would be really helpful!

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