How bout the X-Convict?


Tell me how it plays…

So now, I’ll choose for Hitman or X-Convict. Because I’m looking ahead to those Yo-yo’s. :wink:

(R@itei999) #2

the x-convict is pretty good, better than dark magic in my opinion. Its good for grinds due to the huge metal rings and the yoyo is not too big ;D It has good sleep time too :slight_smile: However, its is semi-responsive unless you sili it.

(jared) #3

if u break in the bearing it will be unresponsive you dont have to sili


I would say X-convict it heavier & heavier (in my opinion) is better.:69:


It’s really just preference. Both of them are wonderful yoyos and you won’t go wrong with either one.

(Zach Smith) #6

Apetrunk is right. Its all preferance. But I prefer the X-Convict with sili. It’s fabulous. :wink:


the X-convict is a great yoyo. it has good long sleep times and its pretty good for string tricks and grinds. i would defo recommend it!! but thats just my opinion