hitman or X-convict for intermediate player


I have just bought an x-convict, and was looking at the hitman as well, and their weight and size are very similar. I was wondering which was better, and if you all knowing yoers could tell me.

(JM) #2

Your X-ConVict will treat you well. Since I am assuming you’re talking opinions, I would say stick with you 'Vict.


How do you like your X-Convict? If you don’t like it, try another yoyo. Otherwise, you should stick with it for awhile.


There is no better. It is all preference.

They are nearly the same, besides for a 2.5 gram difference, and a 1 mm diameter difference.

You should never replace a Yo-Yo unless it is broken, or not working properly. (i.e. cracked weight ring)

Other than that, if you’re starting a collection, great. The Hybrid Hitman, and Hitman are great Yo-Yos to have in a collection, as the double o-ring Hitman was used in Johnnie DelValle’s 2003 World, National, and Regoinal performance, all placing 1st with it. He also used a pair of thick YoYoJam shims to make it un-responsive.

I personally like the Hybrid Hitman. It is a great choice, and both have no real differences besides the response systems.

Overall, go with it. But other than that, you don’t need it. :wink:



When you want to change is up to you. Don’t feel you need to break your yoyo to change it.

If you really believe that Spencer, you’re being a little hypocritical yourself.


I know he can change when he wants to, but I was stating that a broken Yo-Yo for example - a metal weight ring cracked - would have to be replaced.

What if the crack got worse? Bigger? Brought the Yo-Yo up and cut his hand?

Those above would be worth replacing, rather than have an injury over something that could of been replaced. :slight_smile:

(Mark) #7

I would play with a broken yoyo even if it had edges that cut my hand every time you bind it XD. Yoyos for life!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

Totally dude.

(TechyThrower92) #9

I would definitley say X-Convict
It is one of the best in my opinion ;D


If you want a yoyo just to do 1a with go for the x convict
If you want a yoyo to do 1a and 5a with the Hitmans your best bet
Id reccomend the hitman


im thinking about the x-convict

(SR) #12

I would personally choose the X-ConVict. But that’s just me.