hitman or X-convict with your OWN opinion

Just want to see which YOU like better. Please post your choice in a post as well, and also say the reason for choosing that yoyo.


Because of the rims, Perfect width and weight. :wink:

I really liked my x-convict.

The plastic in the middle is quite thick, so cracking isn’t that much of a problem.

the really wide metal rings are great for grinding, and they distribute the weight REALLY well so the yoyo is very stable and quite smooth.

the shape is pretty unique, to me it felt kind of like wings. however, satin the plastic, and you’ve got an amazing shape for finger grinding :wink:

you can’t really thumb grind with an x-convict. sure, its possible, there is a lip, but its pretty small.

so im my opinion, you should pick up an x-convict. they ROCK. and they are great for 5a. and 5a is awesome :wink:

Go with the x convict cause the X convict is great. I have tried both and the grinds are better on the x convict, I actually did a longer thumb grind transfer combo on my x then the hitman as well. You just need to adjust the gap because in BOTH of these yoyos, If you tighten it up to what it says, Go a little twist back just so that you cant see the axle, Other wise the yoyo will catch on the knots and u’ll have a lot of vibe. This also happens with the hitman so… X CONVICT FTW 8)