Hitman vs X-convict

Alright, so I’ve been doing extensive research between these two yoyo’s for about a week now. In a lot of polls and forum topics they seem to even each other out, with people saying the vict is beter or the Hitman is better. I want to know by personal preference (If you have played with both yoyos) which satisfied you the most, and why. There has been one topic like this but it didn’t give me much information, it only had about two posts.

I have had both and I definitely like the Hitman more. I still have my hitman but traded the x-convict. I just really did not like the x-convict at all. It was just snagged too much and was too responsive ( even with shims and a konkave). But my hitman is awesome! I would definitely say go for the hitman; it is a much better yo-yo imo.

I own a Hitman, I love it, but the specs are so similar it barely even matters. I went through the same decision and don’t regret my choice but either one you get will be fine! ;D

my friend owns both and I love the x-convict. it sleeps really long. and with shims and some flowable silicone it is unresponsive. plus it has never snagged with me.

Hmmm. I don’t really know, I heard that the hitman has that rounded shape that fits comfortably in your hand, and the X-convict obviously doesn’t. The X-convict can grind better and the Hitman cannot. I heard that the Vict has a tendency to tilt if the throw is not 100% perfect. Theirs a lot of pros and cons. I’ts just hard deciding, thinking, and hoping that if I get either one of these the problems known for each of these yoyos wont happen to me.

Flip a coin…

If you dont like it, if you can keep it mint long enough to find out you dont like it, Im sure you might find a good BST trade for a hitman

my friend has a hitman, and i have a x-vict, i like the hitman but for some
reason x-vict just feels better in the hand(in my opinion), i have silicone
response and a normal konkave bearing(not ceramic)and its not responsive
at all, the hitman is a great yoyo but im just not a fan of the rounded shape.

go with the Hitman imo. it’s body allows major spin time, but when doing tricks, it slows down. about the same with the X-ConVict.

Hitman imo.