Hitman and the xconvict

I am going to get a yo-yo soon but i dont have any preferences so just pick your favourite between x-convict and hitman.Please make sure you have already tried the the yo-yo before you say anything

x convict by far

Since you don’t have any preferences just pick which shape you think looks more interesting or fun.  I would go with the xconvict, but why limit yourself to just yyj?

One drop has m1’s for 45 right now and, imo, they outplay any yyj hybrid yoyo.


Just my two cents

Yes mitch, but is he ready for an M1, I wasnt and I lost like 20 bucks when I re sold it.

In my opinion, X-convict is my favorite YYJ, well, there is my DM, but that has more sentimental value than any thing else.

I much prefer the Hitman. I had a X-Convict and I never really liked it. It snagged way too much and was responsive even with a KK and silicone. And it was pretty vibey. But I love my Hitman. It was my first good yo-yo and it is not going anywhere. Imo, go for the Hitman.