YYF Lunatic Review

This is my first review so tell me how i do.

This yoyo is stunning. Great colors, tight binds, nice long sleep time, and un-responsive play.

First Impressions: wow! Looks awsome! I can’t wait to play this thing. It has a great profile and great size. I couldn’t wait to open it!

First throw: WOW! Plays like a dream! It was a perfect size for me. this gave nice tight binds and played on the string well. Sleep time was 5:26 first throw. amazing! The weight is perfect. 66.4 grams is the perfect weight for a yoyo. great for grinding. nice smooth surface to slide along the skin/cloths.

Cons: as you know all yoyos have their cons. this yoyo is not the greatest for thumb grinding. other than this this is a great yoyo!

this yoyo is great for people who like undersized yoyos. hope you liked this review. please point out if you see anything i should try working on in my review.

coming soon:
dark knight review
hitman review
mini motrixx review
speed dial review

No, it’s amazing for arm, thumb, palm or anything you could think of. (not thumb grinding) Other than that you hit the nail right on the head.

thanks for the comment ill fix it!

First of all, good review.

But if I had to change something, I wouldn’t rank the yoyo in terms of play style. Instead, I’d rank it on if it does tricks well. For instance, suicides, rejections, grinds, flops, etc. Also, make sure you explain your reasoning behind whatever you say.

ok but i cant do all those tricks yet :-\

Amen! :slight_smile:


Those are just examples.

You could say something like… It is good at Rock the Baby because it is relatively skinny and doesn’t his the side of the cradle.

My point is that people have opinions about what makes a yoyo good for 1A or 5A, so it is hard for you to give them an accurate answer on that. But you can tell them about how it performs certain tricks if you explain yourself

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oh ok thanks! ill work on that on my reviews!

its amazing for overall grinds

are you kidding me.its awesome at thumb grinds.if you throw it to where it tilts a little towards you free hand its perfect.pratice this and you can even grind with a counter attack.

Nice review but you could have added some pictures and added some details.

Rate it on tricks you can alredy do, but tricks like whips, flops, and restarts are ones you should include… i could teach yo a basic flop at school…

kk thanks ben!

okay, good first review you made. first of all don’t put the 10/10 rating system. Just doesn’t work sometimes. Also putting pictures taken at home could make a review much more interesting. Also you might put details like how it does in suicides slacks, Plays fast or kind of heavy, etc

ok thanks i cant do pics now. camera didfficulty=/