yyf popstar first impressions

okay guys, let me start off with saying that ive only had this yoyo for about half an hour, and i am not doing a thurough review.

with that out of the way, i want to say that i got it in purple, and im using 100% polyester neon yellow string with it, and it looks amazing.

this thing is freaking tiny. i knew it would be small, but this is like a whole new kind of small. this is like playing with my 888x for the first time, all over again. i used to think my 888x was super small, but this thing is really just about the size of a z-stack. i compared it to my genesis and 888x. although this is a super small yoyo, it really plays heavy. after about 30 minutes, i switched the bearing out for a center trac, and his thing is about as stable as my genesis. it had almost no snag, and it feels super heavy. i dont see how its even possible to make somthing so small weigh so much. it just dosent make sense. aside form this, it plays very well. i dont see many difficulties while trying to pull off hard tricks, but there are a few tricks that are alot harder. eli hops (obviously), spirit bomb, and kwijibo are all alot harder with this yoyo. although it makes it ALOT easier to get into a wrist mount with this, the trick itself spirit bomb, is EXTREMELY hard with this. the second hop of kwijibo is hard with this, but it is still manageable.

aside from string tricks, this yoyo has a finish similar to that of an 888x. not as heavily sandblasted, but this thing does perform some decent grinds. finger as well as arm grinds are super fun with this yoyo or reasons i cannot explain. no matter how many pictures or reviews you look at, you will NOT realize how small this thing actually is, until you play with one. its that simple. back to grinds. it does exceptionally well in irgs, probably because of the inner ring being so small, and the yoyo not being so wide. it will almost never tilt during a thumb grind, but it is a little hard to get into one. if you have small fingers, it should be easy.

the shape of it is similar to that of a protostar. although it has the same shape, it does not have the same feel. with this yoyo, since it is so small, you can barely feel the shape of it, because your middle finger does not even fit into the gap of the yoyo. it feels like a compact cylinder. i know i haven’t had the yoyo long, but the more i play with it, the more i love it. it may just be because i always get excited about a new yoyo, but this thing is an amazing purple bundle of joy.

although it is priced at a low $25.99, this does NOT play like a cheap yoyo. it performs at the same level as my 888x, but it does play slightly different, because of the size. dont let the price fool you, you will love it just as much as i did!

p.s., keep an eye out for another review about my thoughts on it in the next couple of weeks/months


Nice, well written first impressions. I must say though, this thing is nowhere near as stable as a Genesis. You look at it funny and it tips over. :slight_smile:

have you tried a center trac? those things work wonders =] its not as stable as a genesis, but its more stable than my 888x =] its almost like a mini superstar if anything in terms of play.