Initial Recognition thoughts

I think I’ve had enough time throwing mine to give my initial impressions of this yo-yo.

This thing shreds. It definitely feels solid on the string, and there’s no mistaking it for a light yo-yo. And while you do feel it’s weight on the string it’s far from heavy or sluggish feeling. In fact I’d say this yoyo has an incredible momentum unlike anything I’ve played with. It pushes through elements and urges you on to the next one.

It may take a little extra push to get going, but once it does it keeps rolling. There’s a very satisfying feeling when playing this yoyo because of that.

It’s like getting up to a full sprint on skates or full speed on a bicycle. It takes an initial effort to start it, and stopping is easy as applying brakes, but once it’s at that speed it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep moving.

I won’t go in depth on specs or shape because you guys can read those on your own. But it’s a nice balance of a very slightly undersized diameter and width compared to the trend for comp yo-yos and a very wide catch zone so it can maneuver through string layers easily while still being easy to catch on the string. It also might be the most stable yo-yo I own including my bimetals and while it probably doesn’t match them for sleep time, this thing gobbles up string layers unlike any yo-yo I own. It takes a lot to kill its spin time.

And no it’s not replacing the Wangles in my heart, it will certainly be cutting into my playtime with them. I want to say I’d like it anymore with a hair more width and diameter but I’m not sure about that. Definitely not if it changes that feeling of momentum it has.