RecRev @ "First Impressions" WITH PICS

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RecRev @ Review First Impressions

Now, we all know yoyo reviews are pretty much useless unless you’ve been playing with the yoyo for a long time to give them a fair assessment. Since I’ve only had limited playing experience with my @, as I’ve just received it, we’ll call this “first impressions.” I couldn’t find much on this yoyo when I purchased it, so I figured I would give some people out there somewhat an idea of what this yoyo is like so they can put their mind at ease when and if they decide to make a purchase. I’ll keep it short because I know people don’t like reading huge reviews of yoyos, there are much better things to do.

Upon taking it out of the box, the first thing that struck me was the color of the yoyo. The particular color I ordered was hot pink, so it looked really sharp. The yoyo has a really clean look to it. Now this is just my opinion, but I love clean, simplistic, and sharp looking yoyos, so this one definitely tickled me pink. Pun intended. But really, the pink with black hubs looks really awesome.

So, we got the Kitty String on, knot tied, and were ready to go play with this thing. It fits nicely in my hand, so I’m really ready to throw it. I threw it and it gives a nice thunk when it hits the end of the string. I like it because it has authority and power when you play with it. It may look like fun and games but the thing is serious.

One of the more important things I wanted to touch on here is the weight… It’s quite a bit heavier than I was expecting it to be. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I thought it would play lighter than it actually does.

Now, if you’re expecting to play fast with this thing, don’t. This yoyo is more for the people who have slower and flow-ier styles. Because it is heavy, it is slower. It’s not sluggish, and yes, of course you CAN make it go fast, but you can really tell it likes to go slow. Because of the massive rim weight and weight of the yoyo in general, the yoyo is not only slow, but it is oh-so-stable. Seriously, you can put the yoyo through it’s paces and through any trick you want and it will stay straight the entire time, it’s great! Not only is it extremely stable, but it was surprisingly smooth. Yes, like General Yo smooth. I was shocked, because the previous RecRevs I have played were not even this smooth. And let me tell you, this thing GLIDES across the string beautifully. It’s like an acrobat gracefully moving about the interior of the big top. It’s so fantastic.

If I were to change this yoyo to suit it to my tastes, I would shave about 2 grams off the weight to make it a little quicker, and add about 1mm to the width and open up the gap width just a tad.

To sum it up, the RecRev @ is stable, smooth, and solid… all the things us yoyoers like. RecRev has a real winner on their hands here; it makes you want to try even more from them. The thing about RecRev that I really like is that they have incredible prices, so why not consider picking one up today?

Here’s some pictures. For reference I’ve included some of today’s favored yoyos, the Chief and Avalanche, both by CLYW. Chief is on the right, Avalanche on the left.

Thanks for taking a look!