Rec Rev Neuae

Best undersize/pocket throw ever released

Yes a title once reserved for my small bearing yuuksta has been stripped in a big way (or perhaps I should say small)

I had never tried a Rec Rev before I tried the neuae and I honestly never thought much of them. They always seemed like a background company that no one really ever talked about. I ended up buying the neuae because of its price and solid color no logo design (any company that does this automatically earns my interest/respect).

Let’s get into how it plays

This thing is ridiculously smooth and stable for a yoyo of its size. I seriously just find myself doing long combos in utter amazement at its ability to stay dead center on the string and not tilt a millimeter. Even when it slows down it hardly makes it known, staying near upright until the bitter end. It’s like no other <50mm throw I’ve used before in this regard, it plays like an oversized. Making this even more amazing is you would expect some crazy h shape or something would be needed to achieve such stability, but no it is a very pleasant organic-ish shape that might be one of the more pleasing yoyo shapes I’ve seen in person.

As far as grinds and such, I hardly do them on any yoyo I own so I’m not really your person to be asking. You know what yoyo grinds well, get that one if you want to grind

The bearing is grooved and functions very well. Grooved bearings and undersized yoyos seem to go together very nicely, I’m not sure why a company would make one without one.

To sum it up, this yoyo plays AMAZING and is the most beautiful yoyo I currently have in my collection.

The fact that this yoyo is 35$ is one part amazing to me and one part disconcerting. Rec Rev being able to create such a well functioning piece of art for such a low price makes me look at my 1000$+ collection and get a little ill. The price of yoyos has gotten out of control and it seems like there is a division forming. Companies like Rec Rev and magic yo producing top quality throws for under 40$ and “other” companies charging their highest prices yet and selling out every time thanks to undeserved hype. Not that it matters but I will no longer be supporting those companies, and will be giving all my support to Rec Rev and such, hope you do the same.

Thanks for reading!