Some All New RecRev Just Arrived!

RecRev Neuae

The Neuae (Pronounced “new”) is the first undersized yo-yo from RecRev; it’s super fast, unbelievably stable, and can compete with almost any full sized yo-yo out there! The major factor in the amazing performance of this yo-yo is its precision weight distribution, RecRev managed to pack over 67 grams into the small frame of the Neuae. And they have done it in a way that perfectly maximizes stability and spin time while keeping the insane speed and maneuverability we all expect from undersized yo-yos. Finish it off with a beautiful bead blasted finish, a grooved bearing, and an unbeatable price and you have the next revolutionary undersized throw!

Check it out Here:

RecRev Silly Goose

The Silly Goose has a very fun and floaty play style that everyone can appreciate. It’s beautiful stepped-down, curved profile gives it a really cool look and creates a nice wide catch zone to help land any trick. It is super smooth spinning and the inner rims are perfect for thumb grinds. The Silly Goose comes stock with a grooved bearing, RecRev’s new signature axle system, and most importantly – It is available in Paisley!

Check it out Here:

RecRev Octave – 1st Gen.

The Octave is the long sought after signature yo-yo of Anthony Rojas. Anthony worked with RecRev in developing this signature throw to meet the needs of his unique and impressive trick style. The final product is a stunning, competition level yo-yo that is designed to take you to the next level. With a wide set catch zone, a rounded shape, and precision rim weight, the Octave is perfectly stable and comfortable switching between side-style and horizontal play.

Check it out Here:

RecRev Octave – 3rd Gen.

RecRev took what they liked from the original Octave, the rounded shape and wide catch zone, and then decided to give the 3rd Generation Octave a more modern personality. They added a nice cut on the inner sides of the yo-yo to push more weight to the rims, and as you know, more rim weight means more stability. The increased stability boosts spin time and makes this throw even better for horizontal play style variations. They also cut down the weight to increase the speed of the 3rd Generation Octave so you can wow the crowds with that quick trick combo.

Check it out Here:

Yay! I’ve wanted all of these! And just got an Octave and got to say it plays phenomenally.

How do they do the PAisley effecT?

hydrographic film
Like this:

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I got a Octave 1 from the re-run about a week ago & I got to say, this is the greatest yoyo I have ever used. It outplays every CLYW and OneDrop I have ever played. Its that good. Unfortunately I have to trade it off with my Yeti to get a FG Peak but I plan on ordering a brand new one on monday… Maybe 2 because I plan on competing with it at Illinois States :slight_smile:

Octave confuses me. You would think that 3 would be the better one, but apparently not. :wink:

:o Do my eyes deceive me, or is there a YoyoExpert colorway on that 3rd generation Octave? ;D

If the 3 is better than 1 then I would be in awe. I’m trading the Octave I currently have unfortunately… But am also buying 2 more :slight_smile: It’s very good. I highly recommend getting one.

I’m not sure about that. I’ve wondered this myself, but if you really look at the various paisley type jobs done, there is actually a seam/line. It’s like it’s coming off a tape or something. It’s not though. I have no clue how they do this.

Check out this violet paisley Silly goose:
Look at the top, middle, rear half. You can see the line thing I am talking about where you can tell it ends/begins.


You can see this on the sine/saw here:

I’d love to know how they did it. Amazing.

I would suggest a study of “dye sublimation” for starters…


That is a cool pattern. reminds me of the screen printed werrd yoyos.
really don’t think its the same process though.