RecRev Neuae Review

This is my first review, done in a beginner’s perspective. :wink:
The RecRev Neuae is a relatively new addition to their line of yo-yos. It’s quite small, but it sure packs performance in such a small and cheap package.

Diameter: 50mm
Width: 36mm
Weight: 67g
Bearing: Size C Buddha Bearing Ripple

It’s a very simple, soft-looking organic-ish yo-yo with no hard edges. It’s quite cute, actually.
The purple finish on mine is fantastic.

Playability and Performance
For such a tiny yo-yo, it carries quite a bit of weight. Because of this, it plays just as well as the bigger boys. The concave 10-ball bearing is whisper quiet and buttery smooth.
The yo-yo is exceptionally stable when sleeping, even moreso than my Shutter for some reason… :o
The smaller width of the yo-yo compared to my Shutter makes it slightly harder to land some tricks as a beginner, but I got used to it pretty quickly.
The inner rings are a little small, but grinding is still possible nonetheless.

This little thing is absolutely fantastic for the size and price! Fits in the pocket nicely, buttery smooth, and very maneuverable.
4.5 out of 5 stars!

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Nice review! The Neuae is definitely my favorite undersized throw, and I have thrown quite a couple of them. It just is able to have all of them spin times and most of the stability of a full sized yoyo.


Oh man that shutter and the neuae look soo good together lol

Nice review (: If you like it try the Octave. Because the Neuae just a smaller version of it.

Next throw I’m gonna buy is definitely going to be a RecRev. Either the Octave 1st Gen or Sine//saw, although I’m leaning towards the Sine//saw because I prefer a Stax in the center rather than a nipple… lol