RecRev Octave 1 Review


The legendary Recreational Revolution Octave 1 is Anthony Rojas’s signature yo-yo. Rojas took 2nd place in Nationals with this yo-yo in both 2011 and 2013! The fact that it was released in 2011 and re-released in 2013 makes it obvious that this yo-yo is a sharp performer!

Diameter: 55.85mm
Width: 41.20mm
Weight: 68.9g
Bearing: Size C Buddha Bearing Ripple

Has a “step-round” profile.
The certain colorway that I got looks a lot like mint chocolate ice-cream with chocolate syrup on it. Mmmm. Now I’m hungry.

Playability and Performance
On paper, it says it’s a bit on the heavy side. When I threw it, however, it felt several grams lighter than my Shutter. It doesn’t “thunk” at the end of the string. After throwing it around more, it’s definitely slower than the Shutter, so it fits my style more. It moves gracefully and responds to my commands moderately quickly. The grooved bearing makes it stable as a noble gas element.
I’ve heard this yo-yo has great horizontal performance as well, but don’t take my word on it, because I can’t do horizontal tricks yet.  :wink:
The Gen-Yo Hat pads give a nice and snappy response and a tight bind after breaking them in.

This legendary yo-yo literally defies physics. It plays very well for an older yo-yo. No wonder why Anthony still uses it to this day!

Baby Neuae and Daddy Octave
Octave rockin’ the classic Sonys

Imgur album:


I believe it’s a Buddha Bearing Ripple


Thanks. The original Octave 1 had a Crucial bearing and Alex Kim said that the re-release had the same specs as the original. Guess it doesn’t include the bearing. I don’t mind, because the Ripple is a fantastic bearing.