RevRev: "Neuae" - Pics Added!

The RecRev Neuae (pronounced “new”) is the latest addition to RecRev’s extensive line of new throws. Being an undersized throw, it fills a hole in their collection, and I believe it does it quite well.
RecRev Neuae Box by ArchersAxe, on Flickr

RecRev Neuae

Diameter: 49.9mm
Width: 35.9mm
Weight: 66g
Bearing Type: Size C Buddha Bearing Ripple
Shape: Modified Organic

First Impressions:

I am totally digging this shape. Just the slightest cut from a full organic shape, and it totally fits perfect in the hand. Compared to other undersized throws I have tried, this is the most stable and most reliable one, and it is on the lower priced side! Grinds are pretty much no good; there is no step that is significantly large enough or properly angled to allow for a grind without throwing it at an angle. Similarly, the ano is not an extremely smooth surface. Typically, I have found most undersized throws to always be an extreme shape, and did not provide enough of a satisfying throw to it. The Token is extreme, 888x is too organic, G-funk is bleh.

On the throw, it feels powerful (for lack of a better word). It is heavy enough to hold some serious stability, but seems to also move quite well on the string. I have struggled to knock this throw off balance. However, any messy boing-e-boing is going to snag, and with quite the amount of force. The response is very strong on it, and I wonder if it may be reduced by replacing the grooved bearing with a flat bearing, so I’m not really griping about it.

So really, I just love this thing. I have either had stability issues or some other issues with my undersized throws, so this was a major shocker for me. Grinding is a minor thing for me, so I’m not disappointed in that much. I suspect the grinding issue I find in this throw was intended to cut the overall price. The Neuae fits in my top 3, which is bizarre since I mostly prefer lighter feeling throws such as the RecRev @. I figured for $35 ($25 for B-grade ano) and being a new RecRev, I could not pass this deal up. I’m loving this throw so much that I am certainly going to pick up a second one of these and bape my throws.

I imagine I will take time to post pictures in a day or two. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide any undersized comparisons as my others are at home currently. I will probably come around with some follow up comparisons as well.

Tell me what you think!

Further Impressions:

As the night passed, I eventually started trying more finger grinds instead of IRGs. The finger grinds are quite reasonable, perhaps around 3 seconds (I am not the greatest at this, perhaps). The shape puts a fair amount of the throw in contact with your finger, but is smooth enough to hold out a bit. Unfortunately got a knot in my string from a missed GT suicide, and was forced to unscrew my yoyo to switch out. Upon closer observation of the response, it appears to be flow groove cut to size or some variety of silicone pad. The pads on my Neuae are probably close to .5mm sticking out of the groove, if not perhaps more. I suspect response will be reasonable once seriously broken in or pads are replaced with some proper ones.

Also, enjoy the pictures :wink: Comparison is done to the RecRev @ - one of my favorite throws - due to the lack of any undersized throws in my possession currently.
RecRev Neuae Comparison by ArchersAxe, on Flickr
RecRev Neuae Comparison by ArchersAxe, on Flickr

Slow, fast?

Middle of the road, perhaps slightly slower. It can be pushed to go pretty fast though. Forgot to mention that ;D

I perhaps got the WORST B-grade I possibly could have. The bearing seat was messed up, there was holes in the side where I think perhaps they tried to engrave it then decided to stop, which were different on other sides. There was pinpricks everywhere. It vibed like heck, and it spun for about 20 seconds. So, I decided to destroy it.
Long story short: DO NOT BUY THE B-GRADE NEUAE

Good to keep in mind, but why not take it up with the seller? Most return policies in the yoyo world are solid.

May have to try this one out. I don’t have an undersized in my small collection, but I’ve been wanting to see what it’s all about. And for the price, seems like a good deal.

I think you’ll enjoy it. Personally, my collection started with undersized throws so this was something I had to try.

The shape reminds me of a smaller Albatross for some reason.

I want one of these, but unfortunately, I’m saving my money.

Yes, I can certainly see that now that you mention it. Makes me want to pick up an Albatross!

Nice review. I bought a Neuae not long ago, and I love it! :slight_smile:

Sounds like it actually plays like an undersized Octave. That’s awesome!

I used to own one. Compared to alot of other small throws, this is one of the best