Lets get some feedback on the new Recrevs, shall we?


I myself have a Sine//Saw on the way and i haven’t heard anything but great things about it.
I’m really anxious to know how all the new Recrevs play, feel etc. Talking about the @, the Sine//Saw, The Silly Goose, Treble and Octave (All though it isn’t new, though it is a new run).

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All amazing!!!

I especially love the silly goose. It’s like a freq wave and octave had a love child of amazingness. It’s the best recrev they’ve made so far and gets my vote for best yoyo made this year so far. Sine//saw is also very good. Smooth and stable like it should be. @ is also very nice and has that recrev performance. A little slimmer than the rest but a slightly larger diameter. I’m loving the new Recrevs but never heard of the treble. Got info on that?


Only this pic taken from RecRevs FB-page. Title says “treble.”


It appears the Paisley Edition throws also come with the Treble/Rest nubs. And if you all don’t mind a couple flaws in your Nickle Plating, you can get them for a steal.

I’ll update my post with my feelings on the Silly Goose and @ when I get them (hopefully) on Monday.

The Silly Goose, based on looks, seems like a wonderful rounded H-shape throw with some serious rim weight.

And the @, based on looks, seems like a floaty yoyo with some well distributed weight. The cut near the center helps push weight towards the rims while providing an interesting look and unique approach to changing weight distribution.


It’s just decoration on the STAX. That’s either a sine//saw or an “@”


Are you sure?


Any feedback on the Octave? I ordered one yesterday, but would like to hear an outside opinion. I’ll add my two cents when I receive mine. Also, does the Silly Goose compare at all to the H.O.T or Amplifier? Those three all share semi-similar shapes, to me at least.

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Ordered a RecRev @ yesterday, can’t wait to get it. I almost ordered an Octave 1 but I opted for the @ instead. I’m curious how people are liking it, it looks amazing, so I bought it.


To me, I would say the Silly Goose looks like a slimmer Amplifier. H.O.T. is more of a half-bell shape, so personally I would keep that out of the comparison.

I might just have to do a full review on the Silly Goose when I get it. :slight_smile:


Yes. It’s one of those two. The Silly Goose has simpler lines inside and out. Since the Sine/Saw is based on being a smaller “@”, it’s hard to know without specs since they are very close in size. I think it’s a sine//saw.

Right now, I’m currently enjoying my new f(x), “@”, Sine//saw, Silly Goose and Octave. I also ordered a violet Paisley Silly Goose and a Gold/Violet Paisley Sine//saw, which should be at my house in a couple of days.

The “@”, sine//saw and Silly Goose all use the STAX axle system.

Currently the only “enhancement” on the STAX are symbols and such. Nothing exciting.

Check out my RecRev Facebook album and you can see for yourself.

I’m going to have to order a second “@” soon, and maybe a second Octave.

Just for comparisons(camera zoom and macro settings not altered during this session):



Silly Goose:

Full picture sites for my RecRevs:


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Thanks for the info Studio! I ordered an @ yesterday, can you tell me more about it? I won’t be able to have it for like a week since I’m on vacation and I’m interested to hear more about it. It looks great and fits my preferences well so I got it.


I’ve got a multi-review on my latest batch of RecRev’s. The “@” one will stay as-is for the time being. With the paisley sine//saw and Silly Goose coming in, I think those are more grind friendly.

The “@” portion:
(sorry adding extra stuff in there)
Let’s start with the “@”. I think the “@” is a slightly re-engineered Freq.Wav. Let’s compare the specs of the Freq.Wav vs. the “@”, Sine//Saw and f(x), since they all seem to be derivatives of the Freq.Wav, which I still feel is RecRev’s best effort to date. I do admit that I don’t have a complete set of RecRev’s product offerings.

Diameter: 56.8mm, Width: 42.8mm, Weight: 68g.

Let’s start with the “@”:
We can see that the dimensions are close, but different. The “@” is bigger in diameter, but narrower and heavier. The stand-out feature is the new axle system that RecRev calls “STAX”. For the time being, you can think of it like side effects, but currently without variety or weight differences. The STAX can be swapped out, are pressed fit and are extremely difficult to remove.

So, enough of the specs. How does it play? Like with other RecRevs, it’s not going to let you down. If you’ve played a Freq.Wav, you’re going to notice a lot of similarities. I find the larger diameter more comfortable, while the narrower width helps speed this up. It’s fast and powerful, but it doesn’t play heavy at all. It’s not quite as fast as the Freq. Wav but it otherwise performs very similarly. The “@” is very stable. I’m sure it would be good for horizontal play, but I can’t do that sort of stuff yet, maybe never, but it won’t be the yoyo’s fault!

(I’m working on the review right now. It’s kinda sparse right now)


Recrev says they are a California based company. Are there throws manufactured in the US or overseas?


I’ll ask next time.

I know what a lot of the stuff costs to make per unit in numbers. They can be having their stuff produced domestically and still turn a profit.

However, I looked up their bearing prices and the cost for their cases(43 cents each per unit in quantities of 1000), and after their anodizing(some of the stuff is amazing) and laser engraving, I fail to see how they can turn a profit at the $40 contest prices.


So if someone has a Freq Wave what would be after? The @ or Sine//Saw? Taking in that you don’t want 2 very similar yoyos in possession, or neither?

Since the Sine//Saw is a little smaller doesn’t that make it a little more steadier than the @? Does that make it more similar to Freq Wave than the @?

How does the Silly Goose play? How close is it comparing to Freq Wave? As close as @ ?


I think that if you’re into full sized speed play, the Freq. Wav is still the champion.

The @ is a bit different, a touch bigger and seems a bit slower and more float. It’s just as stable and awesome in every other way. The current ones I am seeing are all smooth so they aren’t good grinders like the Freq.Wav is.

The sine//saw is smaller, faster, but still stable. It’s smaller and lighter than the Freq.Wav, so it’s designed for those who need more speed, but with all the other goodness that you expect. The solids are currently smooth, so not good grinders, but the laser etched and paisley ones are good for the finger grinds, not so much for the arm grinds.

The Silly Goose is on a different plane. It’s floaty to me, designed to catch air, but not be super slow through the air. It’s like a medium speed yoyo that you can push fast or slow but likes to stay in the more medium range. It also feels more center-weighted, where-as with the other three the weight isn’t at the rim’s edge, but most of the way there. Is a very fun and enjoyable yoyo. The nickel one I have is like other nickels: polished and bad on the grinds. The paisley one is decent for grinds.

I’d say if you’re looking for more freq.wav type performance, the sine//saw is where it’s “@”. Just kidding. Let me clarify. The Sine/saw is a bit more equivalent to the freq.wav.


So jealous of your Sharp, haha. I know it’s not a newer RecRev but how does that play?


Thanks. I was looking at their stuff because they look great and are obviously well liked around here. But the way they state that they’re based in California, makes it seem like if they were made in the US then they would proudly point that out. And also their prices are just too low to be USA made. Or at least that’s what it seems like to me compared to other similar products that are made here.


I have the Sharps. They play smooth with a bit of attitude due to their weight, but are very forgiving due to the huge gap. Very solid because they are so heavy. Nearly all the weight is pushed onto the outer part of the rims.


Ok. Are they good for 3A or do you just have two of them?