RecRev Sine//Saw vs RecRev Octave vs sOMEThING Firmy vs C3 Capless


Hello everyone!

I greatly appreciate all the help the community gives, as always.
Well, you can tell I’m pretty confused between all the above yoyos and it’s not every day that I can order a throw. I’ve been trying to look for some documentation and reviews for each of them but I really can’t find many.

Now, the Sine//Saw is a new release and the lack of much hype for it is understandable. I have, however, been hearing some good things about it here and there and it seems like a solid player so I’ve been leaning towards it.
The others seem to play pretty well and are decent alternatives and as such I need some help deciding between them.

My style relies on floaty technical maneuvers and slack but I prefer a yoyo which would endure some speed-play.
The price range I have in mind, if you have any other recommendations, is about as much as these four would go (so $50-70 but I’m not too stringent about it).

Thanks in advance for the help!


I have the Sine//Saw, and it is a GREAT player. Plays as it would be over double the price. The Octave i’ve heard is good, though i haven’t played it. I can, however, say that it probably plays pretty solid from the specs.
Capless is solid aswell. Plays good, though pretty… boring. Idk. Firmy i haven’t tried.


Thanks for the reply!

Point for the Sine//Saw, I guess.
The Octave seems to suit Rojas’s style and I think it would, like the Sine//Saw, compliment mine as well.

I did think the Capless would be a bit slow and maybe “boring” at first glance but I read somewhere that it’s decent, especially for the price. The colorway I want is sold out though.


I hope I can get some more opinions soon because I have to order before it’s too late for it to arrive (as I’m shipping to my uncle who’s abroad and coming in a couple of weeks).


Skip the Firmy, it’s a speed machine and not “floaty”. It’s also smooth finished and not a grinder.

The Capless will meet your needs, except for when it’s pushed super fast. Kind of smooth, not the greatest on finger/arm grinds, but it does have a slight IRG ring for thumb/IRG grinds. Open inner rim for gyro grinds but not the best shape for horizontal.

The Sine//saw, which is designed to be pushed fast, and depending on the surface treatment, is either a great or bad grinder(some are smooth, some are blasted I think). If it has graphics, it has some texture. The Sine//saw comes from the Freq. Wav heredity, and is the smaller brother to the “@” Being a touch smaller and lighter than the “@”, which is also a touch smaller and lighter than the Freq. Wav, it’s designed to be able to play as fast as you can go. Also very agile. Shape is designed for horizontal play, but not gyro-grinds. New STAX system as an axle system as well.

The Octave, which while nothing new, the OG’s are freakin’ amazing. Can be very floaty, then you can push it to the limits of speed. Fantastic grinding surface and awesome for tech tricks. The shape isn’t the best for horizontal but it can do it with ease.

So, all I’ve really done is rule out the Firmy, which is a yoyo I really enjoy a lot. The Capless is good and I really am glad I have it. The Sine//saw and Octave I just find myself playing a LOT these days, especially the Octave.


Thanks a lot for the reply!

I really respect your opinion around the forum and felt great when I saw that you’d responded.
I enjoyed the detailed description of every throw and am taking your advice and ruling out the Firmy. You’ve also re-spiked my interest in the Octave. I was thinking of just opting for the Sine//Saw and getting over the whole issue.
I’m probably going to pick a RecRev because I’ve been hearing many good things about their value with respect to their price. I highly doubt that I’ll be any disappointed with either. Now it’s just a test of availability.

Again, thank you for the help!


This may help a bit:
I’m not trying to show off stuff in my collection, but I think examples are needed. I took all these photos myself of yoyos I own.

RecRev Freq.Wave:

The entire yoyo feels blasted. Comfortable, good shape, good grinder. Designed to play at any speed, go horizontal and stay dead stable on whatever axis you want to throw it. We’re talking CLYW Chief performance at just under 50% of the price. Three words: blow your mind!
Too bad these aren’t in production anymore. This is a player’s dream yoyo.

RecRev “@”:

Essentially a Freq.Wave with the STAX axle system. HOWEVER: the surface is SMOOTH, and as such, not a nice grinding yoyo. At least, not this particular model.

RecRev f(x): This is a third run, or an A-grade. The 2nd run B-grades look the same. The 1st run were all B-grades and look more “rough”. Mine is relatively smooth. Again, this is an A-grade.

This is essentially a delrin Freq.Wav or “@”, but with no center hub, it goes nicely for horizontal play, but gyro grinds aren’t the best due to the axle system, which is true in many delrin yoyos, including the Halo by C3.

I know this wasn’t a model of interest, but at $50, it’s an item to consider. If I was a competitor, I’d buy 3 more!

For comparisons, the 1st Run, which again, is a B-grade:

$30 or so. Just amazing if you can tune the vibe out. Delrin grinds like mad!!

RecRev Sine//Saw, 1 of 2:

The etched part in the middle is the grindable area. The rest of the yoyo is SMOOTH!

Compare with this one:

The entire yoyo feels blasted before the amazing graphics were added. I bought this one just because it looked so amazing.

The purpose of the Sine//saw was a slightly smaller yoyo that was slightly lighter in order to have a faster yoyo for competition, or whatever purpose you want it for.

Another option to consider is the Silly Goose, which is a touch more center-weighted. It doesn’t slow it down much, still is floaty, and with more center-weight, it becomes very responsive to being steered, so it’s very agile. This is NOT a good example because it’s nickel, but I love shiny metal objects, and you can see how closely related to the Sine//saw it is:

Can’t grind very well on nickel, but it sure is a looker, isn’t it? And it plays as amazing as it looks.

As compared to this, using the fancy anodizing or whatever it is:

Haven’t even put a string it, but it sure is pretty, isn’t it? And it grinds like a beast!

Lastly, the OG Octave re-issue:

No question, this is a slightly older shape. No IRG ring, but you can do the grind if you knock the yoyo off a completely parallel axis. Nearly all RecRevs are like that though, and honestly, I rarely see anyone do thumb grinds, especially in contests. Despite the older shape, it’s still right up there with anything modern. The float is amazing, it just seems to hang in mid-air, letting you really control the string tension and slack(within the confines of physics, of course!), yet still lets you push that yoyo as fast and as hard as you want it.

Regardless of what you choose, RecRev does NOT make a large number of yoyos, so you’ll have to dive in hard and fast.

Now: the Capless:

You can see it’s feature site quite nice here.

Compare that with the Firmy, which is a bit more aggressive in the shape:

We’re seeing very similar shapes on the INSIDE, but the weight is different as well as the rim’s outer design.

This is a better shot set of shots:

I hope this answers more questions. Sorry if I slowed down your internet connection to a crawl!