CLYW Chief or RecRev Sine/Saw


I want to get a “competition” sized yoyo and , having a cliff and a gnarwhal, was just going to go for the Chief. Looking around though I saw the RecRev Sine/Saw and thought it was exactly what I wanted minus the double rim at like half the price. Can anyone who has both compare them. I have a Duncan barracuda and compared to my CLYW’s I would say the barracuda feels cheap and just not as cleanly done. It has a little vibe compared to dead smooth CLYW’s. It is a good yoyo and it plays well it just seems like you can feel the quality in the CLYW’s comparatively but maybe their advertising and branding has just done there job to well. Thank you for any input you can provide me.

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I would take a Chief over SineSaw any day of the week. I love Recrev and all but if you do not have a Chief I strongly suggest you get that.



The Chief is amazing… Most stable, long sleeping yoyo Ive ever played. It’s just awesome. I havent tried asine saw though so I cant say anything about that… But the Chief is definitely a safe choice.


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I say wait a bit longer until more people get their hands a sine//saw. Then ask for others opinion. The sine//saw is still kinda new.


The sine/saw is just a bit smaller and less floaty. Plenty fast and zippy, and a great buy for the price. I prefer the chief because of the size, but for the price it’s all about the sine/saw!

I believe either yoyos will feel more high quality that your duncan. Rec rev is great and the sine/saw feels really smooth. We had a sleeper contest at the last meet and a new sine/saw won, clocking in at 8 minutes. (Og bearing, I believe its a ripple 10 ball)

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Sine//saw is the choice! Chiefs are overrated IMO and CLYW overprices all of their yoyos. For the price of one chief you can get two sine//saws and two surges. Go for the sine//saw and you won’t regret it. Recrev makes some of the best yoyos out there and at affordable prices too.




I just got the Sine//Saw, and let me say that it is a great throw. I haven’t tried the Chief, but I’ve heard great things about it. So in the end play wise, I don’t think you can go wrong. But, because saving money is always nice, I would go for the Sine//Saw. In fact, you could even buy two if you want, or just save it for a different yoyo or whatever you decide. It’s a great yoyo. Really smooth, no vibe. All around great player. Whichever yoyo you pick though, I’ sure you won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:


Another vote for the Sine//Saw!

So smooth, zero vibe in mine. Also works great with Fat Kitty string if that matters? :slight_smile:

Highly recommended!


I have both go with the chief. Sine//saw is good but no where ad good as the chief IMO. The chief will not disappoint


You guys are making this super hard >< Making the decision by the end of the night though. Thank you all for all the great info and keep it coming. My decision is literally swayed by almost every post as I am really really undecided. Was almost 100% decided on the Sine//Saw until

Again thanks so much for all the great feedback. Really leaning towards the Chief right now but everyone who said I need to branch out is super right. I just thought of something that would really help if anyone knows… Does CLYW do reruns of colorways? Will i see another Falcon jab or Confetti Chief again? I haven’t been around long enough to be able to see it happen yet so I don’t know. Sorry for the ignorance on this one.


I suggest you just pickup a chief off the BST

It’ll be cheaper and be worth it

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Having owned both also, I can say that I prefer the sine/saw by a mile. Suits my style so much more, and has a more stable feel to it.



This kid must have it so hard this topic is spilt pretty much exactly


Sine//Saw, don’t fall for the overpriced Hype, Buy 2 Sine//Saw’s with the money you where gonna use to buy the Chief and Viola! You now have a competition set ;).


This. Recrev is so amazing! Do not spend $150 on a yoyo, spend $70! Super stable, smooth, fast, and uses a new axle system! If you do decide to go with the chief, though, then get one off the BST. there is tons of chiefs out there, and also a lot of hype out there for the chief.


I own both, and I’ve played both extensively. I’d pick the Sine//Saw over the Chief any day, plain and simple. That’s not to mention that it’s half the price. The Chief is great for sure, but it’s overhyped and overpriced.

It’s your choice. A good yoyo for 150, or a fantastic yoyo for 70.


Thank you everyone for all of your great feedback. I didn’t expect for this thread to be so split but see and respect both sides of the argument. In the end I decided on the Sine//Saw. After reading everyone’s replies I started to feel like I need to support companies like RecRev that are putting out “top of the line” products at very reasonable prices and try not to condone and contribute to the continuing inflation of yoyo prices. I won’t say I am not going to buy another throw from CLYW because I absolutely love that company and everyone associated with it, I just wish they costed less :slight_smile: I will probably end up getting a Chief off of the BST like everyone is suggesting because someone out there may need some money and it will be mutually beneficial. I haven’t placed the order yet but plan on doing it later tonight and here is the planned list (minus the random string/axle/response items that I just consider maintenance items) :

RecRev Sine//Saw
YYF Popstar
YYJ Classic
YYJ Surge

Again thank you everyone for taking your time to give me such great feedback on this subject and feel free to comment on my choices … like if there is a better “Popstar” out there or something of that nature.

OH and I am in love with the idea of the new axle system and I am sure it will be awesome , just wanted to throw that in there.