Firmy, Supernova, or Sine//Saw

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I’ve narrowed down my search for a new yoyo to these three. I would like to know the pros and cons of each yoyo, and any experience you’ve had with it. If you have tried any of these 3 please leave a comment. Other suggestions are welcome.


I just wanna say I hate the supernova with the stock bearing, it spins so much longer , and is so much smoother with my Buddha ripple bearing in it. One of the beat throws I’ve tried. The shapes really nice.

Yes mordo, I have tried a supernova ::slight_smile:


I’ve had no problems with my stock bearing in mine but find it to be a little too heavy for my taste but it definately helps with the solid and stable feel of it


Idk, I like it waaayyy better with a better bearing.


The supernova isn’t the best yoyo for grinds though. I don’t have one, but I have a g-funk, which also has that glossy feel to it. I have a 2013 Severe, which has a similar shape to the supernova. I loved the shape of it and I think that the Supernova wouldn’t disappoint you.


I love my Supernova. It has a solid and stable feeling to it while still being very agile.


Smooth, V-shaped, designed to play big, yet be priced affordable. The KK bearing I think is stock in this. Funny thing is I was just playing this one earlier today. It’s fast, but not super fast but you can push it as fast as you want it to go. The V-shape is a bit round, very slight curve in it. It’s also not blasted, tumbled or anything else, so it’s not something you want to do grinds with. The axle is exposed in the halves, so it’s not comfortable for gyro-type grinds. There’s no IRG ring on it, but you could do thumb grinds. All catch zone but no sharp rims. While it’s a good competition yoyo, I think that’s not necessarily it’s strongest suit. It would be a great casual throw, loads of fun. But, I’d have no issues recommending this for competition. However, if you’re looking for a budget Anglam or Angle, this isn’t what you want. This yoyo has its own personality. It’s a great value, it feels like an $80-90 yoyo for sure.

I did not like this. Someone put one in my hands at Nationals 2012 so they could try my Albatross or Nessie. The SuperNova had been a YYF model I was highly interested in getting, but after playing it, I just didn’t enjoy it that much. There was nothing wrong with the yoyo, it just didn’t fit well for me. Fortunately, plenty of other YYF’s do fit with me very well! I literally took the money I had earmarked for this yoyo and spent it on a different YYF metal later on.

Now, the Sine//saw:
If we talk taking the legacy of the Freq.Wav(which SHOULD still be in production in my opinion), we introduce the “@”, which is essentially a Freq. Wav that uses the new STAX axle system. Scale it down just a touch so you get a smaller, lighter and faster yoyo, and there you have it: the sine//saw. Depending on the finish, it may or may not be a good grinder. Agile, smooth and stable. Because it has a center nub, those gyro grinds just aren’t a great possibility. This is designed especially with competition in mind, but even if you’re not into competing, this is a fantastic throw for anything you want. If you can’t get a Freq. Wav, get a sine//saw. If you want a touch slower, the “@” is for you. If you want the Freq.Wav in delrin, get an f(x). I must admit I’m biased towards RecRev, as I have many, and duplicates of some, and of what I have, I really enjoy this brand. My only gripe with RecRev is they don’t make enough of them!! These yoyos are CHEAP when you consider the performance for the price. These yoyos blow away anything else in their price bracket, easily playing at a performance level of stuff more than double their RETAIL price. When it comes to contest price, then it could be 3 to 4 times or more what you’ll pay.

OK, sure, I’m pushing the two I have because of course I like them, otherwise I wouldn’t have them. The thing is the three you’ve narrowed it down to are just so different. We have a V, a kind of stepped V and an H-like shape. We have different features, weight and weight distribution. I don’t think you should make this decision based entirely off recommendations. Due to the differences, if you could play them first, I think that’s the way to go. Then again, I always take that position of try first.

I have two Sine//saw yoyos. They are just so affordable, and plus the graphics are so different.

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Thanks, Studio42. I’m may check out a supernova and sine//saw my next yoyo meet to see how they play. How does a yoyo feel if its not blasted?


You have a Strix, correct? The Strix is not blasted.

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So all yoyos (metal) that aren’t blasted feel like my Strix?


Not necessarily. It depends on the material used to make the yoyo, and the finish too. You can have a polished finish (Like the Strix), a Satin finish, etc. Basically, most non-blasted/tumbled yoyos don’t grind as well.

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Thanks. I can’t give a thank you on mobile but thanks anyways. What are your thoughts on the three throws?


I’m not too big a fan of the Supernova, but I do like the other two. If you’re looking for something simple, pretty fast, and really well performing, get the Firmy. It’s fun to play, and great to throw whenever. Like Studio said, the Firmy is a great bang for your buck, and I would be willing to pay more for it.

As for the Sine//Saw, I haven’t had too much experience with it. A guy I know owns one, and I got to throw it for a bit, and based on those few throws, I liked it, but take this with a grain of salt; I simply don’t have a enough experience with it. With my limited experience, I noticed that it was quite stable. Also, the STAX system is pretty nifty, allowing you to replace tour axle in the case of stripping.

Personally, I would choose the Firmy, it’s just a great throw from a great brand! I’m not sure if it’s Japanese manufactured like the other sOMEThING throws, but that shouldn’t deter you!