Supernova Review 2012

Diameter: 56.30 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.20 mm / 1.74 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing Size: YYF SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Axle Size: 8 mm
Aluminum Type: USA: 7075
2012 Series: 6061

Supernova 2012.

Ok, now that I got that jazz out of the way, here is my personal review:
I like this yoyo for the fact out smooth is. Skin the gerbil, at least in my experience, has been y go to trick to see how smooth a yoyo can slide across the strings. The supernova did that amazingly. It does moebius so well. I’m still new to Moebius, but so far all the tricks I’ve don with it have gone really smooth and really nice.

I love the feel of it in my hands, the weight is a little on the hefty side for me (I tend to lean towards cheaper yoyos (I say with my 888, shutter, mightyflea and of course, supernova) which have lighter metals) but not in a bad way. More like, ‘I can really whip this thing and get some spin on it!’ kind of way. The look of it is beautiful and is one of the few I have in my collection that looks just so darn good that I don’t really want play with it, just look at it. It’s one of my favorite yoyos, expect it has one con going for it that I really don’t like.

So now are the cons: 86 bucks. I’m sorry, that’s expensive for an average person, but I guess if your willing to drop a couple hundred as I seen on this site, 86 might not be that bad for you. Now, the one con with it that I REALLY DO NOT LIKE is the responsiveness. Now, I don’t know if it was the same with other people, but my supernova is super responsive, like, damn. I did one slack trapeze and it shot back so fast I thought I broke a finger. And me being dumb, I tested this out a million times.
It did it every time.
I could even throw a sleeper and just pop it up and it’ll grab and go back to my hand. If I do a hand grind, it’ll grab the string and shoot back to my hand. I didn’t want to spend close to a 100 dollars to have a responsive yoyo. Now, I’ve tried cleaning, and some lube (yeah I know lube isn’t meant to fix that but I was getting desperate) and it’s been a week and it’s still doing it.

So, if personally asked, I would give this yoy a 6/10. Mostly just for how smooth it is and looks, not too much else. Now, if I could fix that responsiveness problem (If anyone has any tips that would be awesome) I would so change my rating to a 9.5/10.

So that ends my review/plea for help to fix this problem with the supernova.

Hello! I bought a 2013 supernova two months ago and got really disappointed with it, and my problem is the opposite of your problem! It is tooooo unresponsive! And its spinning is very weak! Very easy to stop spinning if I play tricks required layers of string, even if I play too fast it will also stop spinning, and also it is very easy to tilt! I am sure its not my problem, I got a YYJ destiny and YYF catalyst too, they all play well, won’t be that easily tilt or unresponsive. I talked alot about this yoyo before, i think it’s because it’s being made in China!!

Being made in china won’t cause the yoyo to perform poorly

Have you checked the response and bearing. It sounds like it has no response pads or they’re too worn out.

that is the opposite of my problem! mine does well in all that, but its too responsive! Looks like we just need to trade issues.

It’s quite OBVIOUSLY not because it’s made in China.
Alright, now that I’m done saying that.
Check your bearing. Spin it on the tip of a pen, see if it spins long and well.
If it doesn’t the bearing is not the problem, but it most likely is the problem.
You could also check the pads. It being too unresponsive is probably the pads. Are they degraded and old?
Then they’re probably the problem.
Same for the OP with the responsive problem.

Clean your bearing.

I’ve cleaned mine with lube and wd-40. What are your suggestions

When I bought my supernova, it was like what i mentioned and then I bought new pads and still behave like this, so I changed the bearing, using other bearings from my catalyst and destiny but only the supernova behave like this, so I already give up on it. Nevermind, I planned to buy the space cowboy, no love for my 2013 supernova.

That’s not cleaning the bearing. Use mineral spirits or lighter fluid, although I personally use dishsoap and water (I just need to dry the bearing afterwards).

Theres also really no such thing as “too unresponsive”. What kind of string do you use? Is it old and worn out string? Might be the problem.
Is it really slick, or really thin string? Might be the problem.
It could be a bearing seat problem. Are the pads sticking up or far below the top of the pad hole thing?
Being made in China doesn’t affect how something plays. There might’ve been a defect in your yoyo, but if there is whoever you bought it from would probably replace it. If you got it from yoyoexpert, they have great customer service. If you’ve already dinged it, however, they might not take it back.

dishsoap huh? I’ll try that

Make sure you rinse it well afterwards, spin the bearing with your fingers and if there are any suds keep rinsing.

Yeah I did that and that seemed to help but it’s still doing it. The bearing itself just seems to not really want to spin

Well its stll doing it and im thinking it might be the bearing but does anyone know how long costumer support takes to email back?

Hey! I solved my problems yesterday after replacing the original bearing with a new kk bearing and changing the pad. Actually I think you should buy a new bearing , even a very cheap one , and it can solve your problem. Also you can try changing the pads and use new strings every few days.

I was actually gonna update this and say I did that! I took a concave bearing from my n9 floater and switch it with the supernova. and both yoyos seamed to have imporved a lot from the swtich!

Oh! Then I think our major problem is the bearing?
My original bearing is a YYF Spec X (10-ball), is yours a SPEC X too??

Um I don’t know. I’m thinking it was just a regular size c bearing. Either way, I called YYE and they just asked me a few questions and when I said another bearing worked, they said ok and they’re sending me another bearing so that was nice of them! :smiley: