YYF Supernova (2012 version) Review

So this is my first review, so any constructive criticism is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

First Impressions

When this yoyo came, I was so excited. I ripped open the package to see the Supernova in the normal YYF packaging. I am a fan of their boxes and I like them so much better than just plain old brown boxes. So I opened the box to see the Supernova. The first thought that crossed my head was, “This looks AMAZING!” The black/silver acid wash was awesome. I mean, I knew the colorway I got would be epic, but it even surpassed what I thought it would look like.

Specs(taken from YYE site):

Diameter: 56.30 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.20 mm / 1.74 inches
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing Size: YYF SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Axle Size: 8 mm

Response and Bearing

The Supernova comes stock with a size C YYF SPEC bearing. I personally do not like spec bearings, so I popped in a 10-ball. I did try it with the SPEC, but the 10-ball is so much better in this yoyo. It also comes with 19 mm CBC Slim Pads, which are good. They give nice, tight binds without snagging.


The shape of the Supernova is probably my favorite shape of the yoyos i do have. It had a sort of “V” shape. It is very comfy in the hand and is very nice to hold.


The Supernova is amazing. Period. It is so smooth, with or without a 10-ball. It can do anything you throw at it and it feels so good to throw. I feel like a pro when I’m throwing it. It has amazing sleep times, is super stable, and can play at any speed you want it to. It has a sort of heavy feel to it, so if you don’t like heavy throws, you might want to get the LITE version. I can play sort of fast, but mostly in between fast and slow, and the Supernova nails this style. I sometimes do some fast tricks too, and it nails them too. The only problem with the Supernova is that it can’t grind too well. But it’s not THAT bad…

Final Words

Get the Supernova. It is amazing. It has a good shape, feel, bearing, response, and everything about it is good.
Overall I would give it a 9.5/10, because of the grinds. If it grinded better I would give it a 10/10.

So this is my review, and like i said please give constructive criticism.

This was a great review, especially for your first one!

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: how do I post pics on it??

I agree. Great job! Sadly I don’t know how to pics on either… Hopefully someone can tell you that

Just now I hit the “Additional Options…”, click “Choose File”.

Anyways, nice review there. Supernova was my first $80+ throw, and felt the exact same way you do. Actually, I still feel like a pro when I throw it. It’s definitely my GoTo throw.

Thank you all for the positive comments :slight_smile: ill get some pics up soon…

This is exactly how I feel when I play mine
I play it with a terrapin X wing and a fat kitty string

It’s my favorite throw. I play mine with a ten ball and YYSL type X string.

What color is yours?

I tried that and it wont work…when i try to preview it, it says my session has timed out…

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Got the pics up!!!