I want a good yoyo, and since Tyler Severance is my favorite thrower i decided to get the Supernova. But the reason im here is to find out if its good for what i like.

  1. i love grinds
  2. i like big gaps (for whip tricks)
  3. i like slow yoyo play, i hate it when i have to try and keep up with a yoyo
  4. i like midsized yoyo’s, not to big not to small
  5. i like tricks where the yoyo is on multiple layers of string.

if another yoyo is good for this stuff, tell me!
thank you

  1. Depends on which supernova it is. The shiny ones are not, the tumbled? ones are decent. The shape itself isn’t necessarily the best for grinding but can get the job done. Thumb grinds are doable but difficult.

  2. Covered, the gap is pretty much the biggest possible, plus it’s got the raised response which helps with suicides.

  3. Can play fast or slow.

  4. It’s a full sized throw (but not in the superwide category) Definitely not mid-sized.

  5. Covered

My own thoughts: The supernova is my favorite full sized yyf. It’s an all around fantastic throw, but based on your specs, may not be specifically what you are looking for. A Clwy Gnarwal, Canvas, One Drop 54, or General yo Torrent may be more your type of throw.


The supernova will have all the qualities you want mostly! The only one is that like for example I have a vk suppernova thaat has a special weird paint that doesn’t grind well but my supernova light isn’t splash and grinds great.

  1. Not good at grinds at all.
  2. Very nice gap, no problems there.
  3. This yoyo is the fastest of its size, but it also can move slow, very nice.
  4. It does feel big, it is bigger than the genesis in diameter and width, its pretty big when you first use it.
  5. It can handle layers, yes, very well.

Another suggestion that can fit that list very well is the pro, kinda midsized diameter (1.15), grinds great, and is very unresponsive for those layers of string tricks. Based on the prefrences I would suggest the pro.


thanx for the help you guys