So my b-day is comin up and I want a naw yoyo. I was thinking a supernova because it fits my style and can be used for 5a. Is the supernova good for string tricks and grinds. plz tell me your opinions

The finish isn’t the best for grinds but the physical aspects are great for all grinds.

personally i like the genesis better than the supernova. i have both, buts its more preference

genesis- heavier/faster. better grind surface in my opinion
supernova- lighter/floatier

both are great for 5a though.

Unless you get the 7075 genesis which is lighter than the supernova

If the supernova is the most interesting throw for you get it. The finish isn’t that awesome but everything else about it is good

Also you might want to check out the blasted superstar since it will grind better or the irony JP. Turning point and general yo do nice finishes as well.