Hmmm. Supernova,heavy hitter, or torino?

I want something full sized, fast, and floaty.
All these yoyos seem to fit that description so I’m at a total loss at what to pick. I’d rather have the ILYY or the CYYC though since I already have an 09 and an 2010 severe. but I will still get the supernova if it’s the absolute best pick.

The faster the better by the way :slight_smile:

I just got my Supernova yesterday. Sweet paint job (Jason Lee - Pink is COOL) - but I also have a Tyler Severence 2010 Severe - Capless. These yoyo-s are very similar. The Supernova seems to be a 2010 Severe that someone smoothed with a bit of sandpaper. All of the sharper edges of the Severe have been rounded on the Supernova. Did I mention the paint job was COOL!

As for playability - the Supernova seems to be a bit lighter - but only is you are searching for a difference. But to me they are essentially the same yoyo. If you have a Severe 2010 - I would advise you to try out a Supernova before you spend the big $$$. To me the difference is trivial. And truth be told - I think I like the Severe a bit better. The Supernova seems to want to tilt or precess (spin-around the string) a bit more than the Severe.

I have a Heavy Hitter and it is, dimension-wise, almost the same as the Severe/Supernova. But the Heavy Hitter is such a precision yoyo that I am not sure there is an easy comparison. The Heavy Hitter is a long-spinning beast. Much more stable and able to spin much longer for me than either the Severe or Supernova. The only drawback is the sharp Japanese style edges to the yoyo itself. It can whack you hard if you are not ready for the bind. But it is smooth on the string, somewhat floaty and spins forever.

I cannot speak for the Torino; but how can any ILYY yoyo, not be fabulous?

Hope that helps.