Supernova lite or Severe?


I’m wondering if I should get the Supernova lite or the Severe.
Any help?
I like slow yoyo play and whip tricks.


severe. i personally like the red 2010 severe wavelength edition


I own 3 supernova lites. They’re one of my favorite 1A yoyos.

Also Fast or slow play is all you, not the yoyo.


why do you have 3 of the same yoyo? i get having 2, like for 3a. but why 3 of the same?


Maybe he’s creating 6a ::slight_smile:


that would be interesting to see. it would probably be painful for the inventor during the invention process


competition is most likely the reason.


If you can find one the '09 Severe.


I actually “severely” prefer the 2010 version. I had a fuchsia one but I traded it. I also have supernova lite and supernova(supernova doesnt really play much better) but I love the supernova lite. But the sever would be a better choice because it is good for whips and smooth but can be fast because it’s made of 7075 aluminum.


howabout some guidelines as to what you like in a yoyo

they both playy similar to one another … but i think you will find that the supernova plays a little more full feeling… they both play fast and smooth, supernova is better for grinds, and spin for a good long time, there really isnt that much difference, just the supernova is like the 2011 severe


Why not?
Different colors
Different configurations. Say, a responsive vs. unresponsive DM2 set-up.
Getting together a competition set
Just likes that model
Trying to create an artificial shortage so he can drive up demand and prices on BST

Doesn’t matter why. Not your money, not your collection, not your concern. However, I can’t deny curiosity.


wow. i wouldn’t have thought of any of those things.