Recognize this?

I recieved a supernova in a trade that I have always assumed was normal weight. But lately, when playing with my other yoyos I have been thinking that this is lighter than I would expect a 67 gram yoyo to weigh. Is this possibly a lite version even though it doesn’t say lite?

The odd thing is that I have a preproduction supernova lite and this is actually heavier than that one. Can anyone help me identify this model?


Thats a supernova lite

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That is the Lite version. See the supernova engraving? It is outlined, but the regular supernova’s is filled in.

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Thanks for the info guys! The odd thIng is that my preproduction lite version is even lighter. The stability even on this light version is really amazing and I feel it is a sleeper yoyo in terms of bang for the buck.

I wonder if there are other light stable yoyos that people have liked that might be similar? I really like the ten yoyo drop bear. I bet there are other ones I might be missing.

As a random point of contrast I have a first run arctic circle that is heavier than the current AC version. I actually prefer the heavier version because it seems to stay on axis better and spins forever.

The Square Wheels Royale is supposed to play nice and floaty but stable, maybe you wanna look into that jojo?

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CODE 1 with aluminum ultra-light side effects is only 62.5 grams.

Lol it’s not pre pro.

The Royale is strange to me. It feels so hollow.

The Royale is great, though not that stable really.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will check out the Royale if I come across one. I have played with a code one and while it was good, I ended up trading it and haven’t really missed it. I would miss my supernova lite.

Any other full size yoyo strike you folks as stable and light?


theres the Phenom which plays light and is sorta stable.

Light and stable…DEADLY SpINS Wrath about sums that up

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

I think I found my perfect yoyo. It is the General Yo Model 10. It has the light, floaty, effortless feel of an incredibly well balanced yoyo, and the precision and stability of a large rim weighted yoyo. I definitely recommend trying one out if you can locate one.

They have already been released at many stores “in the wild” just not YYE… which surprises me

Really? I’ve found the Royal to be incredibly stable. It stays on axis and keeps on going.

Try the Trinity, VERY floaty.