Thoughts on Supernova Lite

Just thinking is the supernova lite too light during play (63 grams!) or is it just fine? I usually like 66 or 67 grams but 63 isnt that too light. Just wondering your opinion on it and do you play like fast when using the supernova lite?

I personally own 2 supernova lites (with a 3rd on the way)

They’re my favorite yoyo for 1A, I just really love the weight on it.

Is it stable though the yoyo i would think that it wouldn’t be since it’s so light

I have no issues with stability at all. I don’t really have problems with it though. Once you get to a certain point stability stops being an issue (unless the yoyo is lopsided or something.)

I LOVE my Supernova Lite. Beats my 888 and a tie with a genensis i my opinion. Smooth, stable, and I don’t really notice that it’s light.

Thanks for the help