Supernova, supernova lite or genesis?

I got a genesis + but if I take of the hubstacks, do that turn the genesis plus to a genesis? Anyway supernova or supernova lite?

The only difference between the supernova and the supernova lite is weight, the supernova is 4.5 grams heavier than the supernova lite. so if you like heavier yoyos get the heavier version, if you like the lighter version get the liter version.

No. If I’m correct, there is no way to take off the hubstack posts on the Genesis+ without any modding. The Genesis has no hubstack posts.

okay, Thanks

To answer the question of supernova vs supernova lite. It really comes down to preference. The supernova lite is a great competition yoyo thanks to its weight being quite light and good float. If you are in contest style tricks or want to work on your speed, the lite would be a great choice for you.

The supernova standard is very well balanced and smooth just as the lite, but it has a much more solid and hefty feel to it. Working on smoothness and for just all around throwing, the supernova is a great choice.

It all depends what you are really looking for in your yoyo. But either way, both are great choices.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


Thanks, i think i getting first supernova lite