Genesis or supernova lite

Hey guys i have been messaging ann connoly on facebook looking for a reccomendation. She came up with the genesis and the supernova lite. My question is which one should I buy

Preferences? Do you like heavy and stable yoyo? then get a Genesis. If you like light and fast yoyo, buy the Supernova lite.

What best fits your preference. If you don’t have one yet pick which one looks coolest to you. It’s as simple as that.

The genesis will spin longer for you, is very stable, and can move pretty fast. The supernova lite won’t spin as long (not a huge diffrence, but when you play fast it makes it more apparent), also has great stabilty, and is wider (weather you use that as a plus or not is up to you). I personally like the genesis better but I woudn’t mind getting another supernova lite.