Genisis vs. Supernova lite

what are the diffirence in play and size i know that weight is one but any play diffirences?

I hate to be this guy, but you’ve posted 4 separate threads asking people to help you buy a YoYoFactory yoyo. You really only need one thread to get this done.

What you need to do is edit this thread to include a few specific pieces of information that will allow the community to help you pick a yoyo. First, tell us what style you play (1A, 3A, 5A). Then, tell us what yoyos you currently have and what you like or dislike about them. After that, tell us in a nutshell what you’re looking for in your next yoyo. If you haven’t made up your mind after actually typing out those ideas, I’m sure plenty of people will be very happy to help you.

To answer the specific question you created this thread around, the Supernova Lite plays more quickly than the Genesis. It isn’t quite as stable, but can still handle horizontal play.