Supernova LITE


What are your thoughts on the Supernova LITE? I might ask for one for Christmas. Thank you!!


absolutely brilliant throw, I think it’s by very far, my favorite YYF throw, and on a personal level, I’m generally not the biggest fan of YYF there is. the supernova lite is where it’s at.


Supernova lite gets a thumbs up from me… It’s a great all around throw, ans certainly competition worthy, if yer into that, it’s fast/intense yet slow/relaxed, it’s stable, yet flops when you want, it’s tranquil as the sky, yet agile as lightning…

And if you want, you might benefit from buying a center trac bearing…


Postpone. I will either buy this my self or hint on it for my birthday. The c3 trident is my Christmas idea.


It is a great yoyo, stable and long spinning but I would suggest the supernova over the lite version, the supernova is very fast for its size and is more stable and longer spinning…but you can’t go wrong with either one.