Supernova Lite - First Impressions

So yesterday at the Plymouth YoYo Club I tried out my friends SuperNova Lite…And fell in love <3
I tried everything to trade for it but couldn’t. I was like “I’ll trade a BOSS, PopStar, and a Messed Up NorthStar” and he wouldn’t trade.

What I thought?:
Ehh, a little light but at the same time a perfect weight. Supppeeerrr smooth! Almost as smooth as an 888 if not as smooth. Speed? Yes, much speed! Will play at whatever speed you want it too! The finish was pretty nice too! It was very nice for grinds!

Not much to say other then amazing! I’m not sure how the normal SuperNova plays but I want them both!

I am LOVING my Supernova Lite (blue acid wash). Plays amazing, looks amazing, is amazing lol

I ended up buying a Supernova and Supernova Lite. I had to switch out the bearing right away in the Supernova Lite because it had terrible spin time.

I love my super nova! I have red acid wash and it’s one smooth light… amazing yoyo… Definitely worth it

I prefer my Supernova Lite over the normal Supernova…haha