Hey pretty odd question I guess because it’s a yoyo most people have tried but how does the supernova play? Not the new one, the older versions.

Thank you.


It plays really well from what I remember. It doesn’t play light or heavy but kind of in the middle in my opinion. Good for whips and slacks because of the shape and the open gap. Not good for grind because of the coating. Also has lots of spin and good for horizon. I really like it quite a bit. You could probably find few reviews with the use of the search button and that will give you a way better idea than what I can tell you.


I have one. It plays floaty, but solid at the same time. It’s great for whips and slacks due to the large catch zone. Grinds are decent as well. It spins long as well. Good yoyo.
Personally, I’d go with something for the price by One Drop like the 54, Yelets or the Burnside. I’ve heard good things about them. Either way, if you go Supernova or one drop you can’t lose. All great throws.


For the price? The Supernova he is talking about retailed at around $120.

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I loooove the 2013 Supernovas. Never tried the new ones. I especially loved my old 7075 version.

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I remember lots of Supernova’s a back in 2008-2010? I remember YoyoNation announcing sells of Supernova’s all the time…


You’re thinking of the Superstar.