Hey y’all. I have 120 dollars and I want to buy a new yoyo(of course) the price has to include shipping and tax too. I was looking into an avalanche or a drop. But now I saw the release of the supernova, with includes a severe! Do you think that the play of the supernova will be on par with other yoyos in my price range?

The Severe and SuperNova are both popular yoyos. They sell well and people enjoy them. I personally dislike both of these, but that’s a matter of my preferences. Odd how all the Tyler Severence signature models and myself don’t get along. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t buy either, be it bundled or on their own. However, not knowing the deal going on, it might be worth checking out. This might be exactly the amazing deal you’ve been looking for.

The Avalanche runs $125, so forget it. It’s an amazing yoyo, but it’s outside your $120 limit.

With One Drop, you have plenty of affordable choices that fit your budget(and maybe have money left over). I’m taking it you like full sized. The Burnside would be a front-runner. Don’t let the lack of side effects turn you off it in the least. The Chik is almost a cross between the Burnside and the Code2, at more of a Burnside price point. The Dang, Code 1 and Code 2 are also contenters. The Cascade runs $115 so it may eat up your budget due to preventing you from paying for shipping. The Cascade is a different shape and weighted differently(more center) and as a result plays differently. I can’t say anything negative about it.

Other than that, latest new purchases have been the 2013 SuperStar, Sine//Saw, the Equilateral and others that are below your budget. Each yoyo is unique and different. It depends on your preferences.

Overall, the odds are your choices are going to play above what you’re paying. I may be down on the SuperNova and Severe, but that’s because I didn’t care for them, NOT because there’s anything even remotely wrong with them.

Isn’t the summit $115? Its amazing.
I liked the code 2, never tried a chik… But I would recommend it since my friend tried one and he said jt was really good.
And the new superstar of course :slight_smile:

I’m sure the play will be on par. Once you get in to the higher price ranges, mostly everything performs well, and is well made. It really depends on your preferences. If you feel like you would like the Supernova, then get it. You would get a free Severe with it, which you could keep, or sell on the BST to make some cash back. I would go for the Supernova if you like it. They’re offering a fantastic deal, which I would find too hard to pass up. YYF is really giving us great value with this. You get $130 worth of yoyos for $85. I haven’t tried the New Supernova, but I’m sure it is a quality throw. Like I said before, it’s all about what you like.

As for the Avalanche, it’s a great throw. A little floaty (sort of in the middle ground), can go fast if you need it too, is quite stable, and I love the shape. Plus, it comes in some great colorways too! The only problem I see with this is that it is a bit out of your price range.

One Drop has a lot of quality offerings, it is up to you to decide which one fits your preference. I personally love the Code 1. It’s got a good bit of float to it, has massive amounts of rim weight, projection grooves for better grinding (paired with the Pyramatte finish, grinds are great!), very stable, and I love the shape.

Whether or not these other options are worth $15-$40 more than the Supernova, which gives you $130 worth of throws for $85, is up to you. You really can’t go wrong with any of these throws, they all perform exceptionally.

If this helps at all. I prefer mid size to full size. My style is usually less technical,
And more visibly impressive. I do many whips, slacks and suicides.

Sorry for the double replies. I also do a lot of horizontal.

just pick up the supernova and severe and trade it if you don’t like it

It’s an excellent deal anyway you look at it

I might have to do that! My birthday was yesterday and I got a new breed, sr-71 and summit, which were all amazing. I turned 14 and I plan to get a job soon
So this will probably be my last high stake purchase.

Both good yoyos!

I love my SR-71 it’s so much fun. Did you get nickel plate?

I did get the nickel played edition. It looks amazing! And plays amazing too!

Ikr I think the Nickel plate looks way better.

The 2013 Superstar one of the top 3 yoyo’s I own. It is great. Not just great for the price but great period.