shpuld i spend all my money on a supernova?


1st, in 13 so I won’t be homeless after selling it (just in case I thought im like 26 and wasting all my money)
2nd: I LOVE THE SUPERNOVA!!! I love everything about it, the H shape is my favorite shape, the weight is perfect for me, I love metal, and love the way it plays. But put yourself in my shoes, you have $120 and it is $115 (plus tax = 120) and I can buy it. Or I can want a month and a little to get $40 from mom to help pay for it. Which should I do? My (one of my) parents would go crazy if they found out I bought a $120 yoyo… My mom seems kinda okay with it, but my dad would go nuts, especially cuz its a yoyo… So should I buy it in like 3 days, or wait like a month for it? (I would go crazy waiting a month)


Check BST. They show up there quite a bit.

Also, maybe at BAC, YYF might have B-grades(minor ano flaws) that would sell for $50 rather than the regular price.

Your choice. This isn’t a yoyo I cared for, but the good thing is sounds like you’ve tried before you’re gonna buy, so this is a 100% safe purchase.

Don’t forget, you’ll likely need strings too.


Just to clarify, are you after the 2010 made in USA run or the 2012 edition Supernova? They’re made of different grades of aluminium and do play quite differently. If it’s the 2012 run, you should be able to snag one for about $85 from YYE.



YYF is also revamping the Supernova design in July so you may want to wait around for that.


ummmm… idk, Im buying it from a store (bird in hand) NOT online.i cant buy it online at YYE or so… yeah
U guys should go to bird in hand its cool (chico california)


Bird in Hand is a good shop. A mere 110 miles from me.

I’d be patient and save the money. If you can snag it for $85 plus shipping from YYE, I’d honestly go that route. But too bad you can’t buy online. Cash? Yeah, that tends to have that one limitation.


Yes but on BST if you’re lucky you could find a metal severe.