New yoyo within 80 to 120 dollars

any recommendations wanted :slight_smile:

What type of yo-yos do you like? Weight? Size?

I’ve heard a that the Supernova is a great yo-yo.

i like supporting some of the newer companies out there. if you like full size throws the Drop Bear by Ten Yoyo is really a good player and so is the Gelada by Monkeyfinger Design. You would have to go to their websites to buy them though since they are not at yye yet.

I also like the omnicron x from 3yo3 and if you were interested in one pm me and I can give you a site that has them for a steal.

Any Spyy is also a good choice, the Spyder II is awesome as is the new Dynamo. You can’t go wrong with a CLYW if you can get one or a Vs Newton.

I enjoy quite fast but not floaty throws like the clyw avalanche

Plenty of great One Drop yoyos in that range. Enough variety to cater to most tastes, and for the rest, some combo of the yoyo and side effects should do it.

Code 1, Code 2, Burnside, Dietz, Dang, 54, MMN. All are great yoyos. Can’t wait for the Cascade to drop.

The Albatross is really great too.

Honestly, that’s a big range of stuff for those prices. All of it’s good.