Looking for a 100$+ yo-yo?


I’ve got money and ı wanna a really good yo-yo(Spin time,speed,small or big, heavy or light) for 100$+ range.

Think and reccomend something.Good luck,out.


Some favorites of that price range are the Code 1, Dietz, Irony, genesis, supertstar, and pretty much anything.


supernova is absolutely an amazing yoyo in that budget… its spins really well, nice and stable, and plays nice and quick if you want it to, but its good and stable at slow speeds too… i also just got a super G, which i think is gunna be my new best friend… it seems to have a spin time advantage over the super nova, but it wont play quite as fast, but its fast enough… once i get the “getting to know it” period out of the way, i will post an in depth review… for 10$+ you can get a spyy ronin, which i dont have, but ive heard amazing things about… apearently its described as a samurai blade cutting through the air…

you could look at something like an 888, but to be honest, they arent my favorite… i have one and its a good yoyo, its just not my style… pretty much all i use it for is to play around with the hubstacks and grinds since it is really smooth… and dont forget to take a look at the smaller brands like one drop, clyw, shinwoo, crucial… they make some very popular throws, just look at them to see if they might have anything you like


Ah the ronin, such a wonderful throw, if slow and smooth is your thig I highly recommend it. He only downside is that it is not the most stable thing in the world.


I highly recommend the Cocytus…it’s this undersized yoyo (like 49.5ish mm?) with a massive gap. And I mean massive, like wider than protostar massive. Easy to land tricks, pretty nice sleeping time due to nice weight placement, feels really nice in the hand, with grooves all around the yoyo for smooth grinding. Also has a nice IRG too and comes with a KK. Stable H shape too.

Plays a tad on the heavy side, but decently fast. And smooth. Smooth as a YYR. Easy to tune too.

But tbh like what “nobody” said above, pretty much anything is considered a good yoyo above $100


May be more expensive yo-yos 160-190$? I need a really amazing yo-yo.


More expensive doesn’t mean better and most $140 plus yoyos are only priced that high due to external costs because they come from Asia. Get a code 1 and all of the side effects if you wan’t to pay a lot.


any one drop or clyw.


What he said…Another reason why a throw may be expensive is because of it’s rareness (like special colorways or limited runs, etc. etc.) but anyway if you don’t really care about any specific things such as weight, shape, or color, and want something around $160-190, you cannot go wrong with any of the three Japanese manufacturers (Turning Point, Yoyo Recreation, Yoyo Joker).

CLYW makes really, really nice throws, and I guess their top of the line models are the Canvas and the Chief.

One Drop also makes amazing throws, and I heard really, really amazing things about the new Burnside. It’s a pure competition yoyo with amazing stability, and the reason why it’s cheaper than its competitors is because the people at One Drop got rid of some things that doesn’t improve the performance!

I also heard the YYF Primo is one of the best performing yoyos YYF has ever created despite being underrated.

C3 also makes amazing throws! Try the Trident! It looks amazing and is on par with the YYR stuff!

And there are a lot more companies that make amazing throws! Anything above the $130 mark is the top of the line, best performance you can get items! I say go for the one that looks the coolest to you, and if you don’t like it, resell it at bst, and get another one!


but lots of these yo-yos doesn’t in stock in yye. What can ı do??


Wait for the to restock, not buy one, buy it somewhere else.


Well lets wait…


or you can search around the bst


Ok, go with something high quality like Caribou Lodge. ANy thing by them will not disappoint you. I also like the C3 yoyodesign trident.


YYJ Phenom will knock your socks off.
Caribou lodge is a good choice.
ILYY anything is remarkable too.


“Somewhere else.” lol


I have a phenom already ı need better yo-yos.so keep helping me please.


I stand behind code 1 it is stable, smooth, and fully customizable to your preferences.