Looking to purchase a new yoyo.
I’m experienced, working on master level tricks at the moment (so long spin time is a must). :slight_smile:
I’m kind of a fan of light weight yoyo’s, but I’m willing to research anything you guys recommend.
I’m willing to spend no more than $90.


get something by recrev. I recommend one of the octaves or the mangaroo. they make some of my favorite yo-yos for only $70 or so. fantastic company.

also, I believe that one drop has a few cheaper throws, especially the burnside, which is def. one of my favorites.

it says your current favorite yoyo is the BOSS. the boss has more than enough spin time to finish the master tricks easily. just work on your throw, you can’t replace practice with money.

I can get through each master level trick with any yo-yo with a bearing, such as a Duncan ProZ. So what I’m saying is, it’s not the yo-yo, it’s the player. Therefore, long spin times is NOT a must. PRACTICE is a must.

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if you must buy, a supernova lite fits your description (light weight, $90)

It depends what your preferences are.

More towards the top end, based on what I own, would be the Burnside. Amazing, solid player.

Others might include the Di Base, and maybe even the TA-1(any version), the Facade(I don’t own this but a friend does and it’s amazing), heck even some of the $40 metal Duncans are really great: Metropolis I have, Raptor and Echo coming soon.

Depending on the brand, price really doesn’t matter all that much. The DiBase is an insanely good yoyo at a stupid low price that plays FAR above the retail price. RecRevs give superior performance that also doesn’t line up with the price. The Burnside, while higher in the price range, is clearly priced where it is due to the lack of side effects capability, but even so, it plays in the same range as higher priced models in the brand.

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