I cant decide what yoyo to get buget 120


I cant decide which yoyo to get.


Ive been asking the same for a wile now. But I’ve got help. Look at something with one drop! They seem too have nice yoyos. Also look at di base.
Hope it helped


I cant decide what yoyo to get i have a budget of $120. I already have a phenom genisis chief monkey fist protostar and g5.

(2Sick Joey) #4

If I were you I would check out the DEADLY SpINS Wrath. It isn’t released yet but will be relatively soon. Its an amazing yoyo and i cant recommend it enough to people. Its full sized, light feeling, s. olid spin time, smooth, and a non-traditional shape which seems to be your in preferences


You got to be more spesific. What do you have? What do you prefer on a yoyo, playwise?


we need to know preferences


also look at the stuff by C3yoyodesign and things by ILYY. They both make throws that are really smooth and a lot of fun to play with. The madhouse epic is a nice throw and is really fun to play with. the styy bandit is also a yoyo to look at


If I were you Id get the Markmont next.


Just wait, for the comeback avalanche.


Anything by OneDrop

Anything by HSpin

(G2 Jake) #11

Do you have some point of reference we can work from? Maybe a diameter you want.


I forgot this but i highly reccomend the gsquared nessie or albatross. They are great playing yoyos and have a comfortable shape and also grind amazingly well


Why don’t you get some RecRevs? With $120 you could choose two of the following: TA, TA-1S, Octave 3, Octave 3S, Facade, Sharp. I just got a TA for like $40 and an Octave 3 for $60 this morning. Message me if you want to know where


i have a phenom genisis g5 monkey fist chief and a protostar. i want an undersized yoyo that is light and that is buttery smooth as well as long spin time


Supra. Not real light necessarily, but such an amazing throw. So smooth, spins forever, so much power, just a great yoyo. One of my top 5 out of the 100+ i’ve owned.


if I ware you I should try something new. One drop or


SPYY El Ranchero. It’s amazing.

(G2 Jake) #18

I’d stick to getting a high quality throw instead of 2 lower quality.


Why not a C3yoyodesign Trident or Dark Sonic? Look at the reviews by NJStringer in the yoyo reviews section.Anything from C3yoyodesign like those two or others or a Yoyojam Karma if u like metal throws or an Ai or an inspire or next level. There are many you can get.