Looking for something new.

Hello everyone i am fairly new to yo-yoing and I am in the market for a new weapon of choice. I have done a little bit of home work and I really want something either $115 or less.(less would be better) I have a yoyofactory whip, and starlite but I would like to step my game up and get something that i can sleep longer and do more string tricks with. any suggestions on a new yoyo?

yoyofactory supernova or boss are great
any ilyy recrev or chico yoyo you will be happy with

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YYF Genesis and YYF Supernova will set you back about $85 each and are both amazing throws. The One Drop CODE 2 is also brilliant at about $100. If you’re after something undersized, the One Drop Dietz is pretty tough to beat.


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I’m a big fan of One Drop throws especially those with Side Effects. The CODE1 is my fave but the CODE2 is also great. Burnside is nice for the cheaper price point if you don’t care for SEs.

If you really want to save some cash there’s also plenty of much cheaper throws that play well above their price point, but it sounds like you’re looking for a premium throw. Once you get around the $100 mark most of the yoyos are really nice players and it’s usually just a matter of preference.

starlight if fine for now. it can handle all of the master tricks, EASILY, without any problems. you cant replace practice with money.


I would get a C3 YoYoDesign DI-Base. great yoyo, feels and plays like a lot of my 120+ dollar throws.

Well almost anything around $100 dollars or more can handle anything. It’s all matter of preference. Just go off of what you like about the yoyos you already have, or go with what looks interesting.

Anything from c3yoyodesign or One Drop. Also maybe a Supernova or Genesis.

pretty much any yoyo… aside from a lot of clyw, yyr, japan tech, or yoyojoker. but only because they’re most likely out of your price range. Honestly everything from my $10 whip to my $150 canvas and everything in between can handle the tricks I throw at them. It’s the throw, not the yo.

If you want long sleepers and good stability, you would definitely be good with a genesis. Or perhaps a delicious. I was amazed at how smooth and stable it was the first time I threw it.

Personally, in your situation I would buy 2 $50ish dollar yoyojams. I have more than a few metals and plastics and I don’t think the jump in price is totally justified. A $100 metal is generally just going to be smoother, which is more of a “feel” thing than a performance thing. Start exploring your preferences with less expensive plastics, then buy a metal for more refinement in feel.

But then again, it’s your money and any money invested in this hobby benefits me and other players; so feel free to spend. I just think jumping from a whip to a hight price metal would lead you to believe that spending that much is necessary.