Fullsize throws.

What are the best full size throws? Under $100 USD.

[Birthday was yesterday and i want to get a good throw cant decide if i want something like a YYF Genesis or maybe a Superstar bc of hubstacks or if i want a OneDrop or CLYW but id rather keep it under 100]

As you well know, impossible question to answer. :wink:

If Genesis is on your radar, though, I can’t imagine how you could go wrong. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about the Genesis, Supernova, or Catalyst.

I prefer the supernova over the genesis. The supernova is quicker and more floaty. While the Genesis plays slower yet can still go fast and is more solid.

I’d honestly go with a Code 1 or Code 2. If you can find one on the BST, maybe an Albatross. Supernova and Genesis are really good as well too, but the One Drop’s you can usually find under 100.

I’d go with a used throw on the forums. You can get some great yoyo’s for pretty cheap there. Albatross is an awesome throw as well. Ive got one for 85 on the forums. I’ve also seen code twos going really cheap there. Or just get a fools good avalanche. They are only like $75 with shipping from their site. And about the hub stacks… Don’t buy a throw just because it has them. They are pretty much a novelty that gets old real quick.

Genesis or Burnside.
Those are my two go to throws and both play awesome for under $90.

Wait a few weeks for CLYW to reopen their store, and get a FG Avalance.

Good call on the Burnside, too; or at least from what I’ve heard. Yet to try one, honestly.

One Drop is all well and good, but don’t let the opinions in this thread dissuade you from one of the $80-100 YYF throws. I’ve got a Code 2 and I enjoy it, but it’s not the be-all end-all.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I think “birthday gift” is screaming new-condition fresh out-of-the-box. BST is a great place for good deals, but I dunno… with a few exceptions I don’t think I’d want a previously-loved item for my birthday. Your mileage may vary. Everyone’s different and all that…

If you don’t mint BSTing, grab a beat up YYR.

Or, from YYE,
Code 2

Or save up a bit more and grab an IronyJP.
The best competition yoyo that I have EVER played. It tops all YYRs that I have played. It is freaking rediculous.

Code 2

I think im gonna go with Genesis or SuperNova.

Opinions on which? with a reason why please

I’ve tried both, and liked the Genesis more. It was more stable, longer spinning, and over all I felt as if I had more control of the Genesis than the Supernova. The Supernova felt very fast, and it floated on the string.

Definitely a burnside or capless

genesis was very very nice. check the bst cause there are some cheap ones.

Two opinions on the thread so far seem to match up, and it’s interesting that although the observations are the same, the choices differ! They both indicate the Genesis as being the heavier, more “determined” of the two, with the Supernova being the faster and lighter yoyo. To one person, the lighter one was the preference, to the other person the heavier one was the preference. So it really just matters how you’re leaning…

If you’ve narrowed it down to these two choices, you can’t lose by answering the simple question to yourself, “Do I want something light and agile, or something powerful and stable?”

Then you’ll know which to get!

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Get a FG Avalanche. It will be the best $60 you will ever spend.

where can you buy fools golds?

I just got a Genesis the other day. I’ve had the Supernova for a month and I swear the Supernova feels like the heavier, more stable of the two. Not sure why I’m ‘feeling’ the opposite of what other folks are saying. Both are the 2012 models, non-7075. I have to snap my wrist a little more to generate the same spin with the Genesis. Maybe something has changed with the 2012’s?? Or maybe i just haven’t had the two long enough.

Edit: I’m very happy with both, but I still cant wait to try the Code2 and Burnside out.

Get 4 magicyoyos with different models, they are decent even for competitions (I mean, really good even compared to those pricy throws), and with 4 different yoyos you can cross practice with them and learn how to adapt different yoyos quickly. A $100 yoyo doesn’t mean it’s 4x more durable, especially knowing that they are just made of the same or at least similar aluminum grade. You can’t expect grindable finish on them though…