Façade is it a nice throw, ?

Need some help. I just want to lay money on good stuff.

Haha you’re all over the place with all of your threads. But I get it, you have some money you want to spend, and you want it to be worthwhile.

Pretty much any yoyo you get, you’ll be happy with. (At least from companies like One Drop, CLYW, and YYF)

Some options for you that are absolutely incredible throws for the money- Capless, Dv888, Code 2.

Go with your gut, if you like how the yoyo looks, and if you like the specs, go for it.
Need any other help feel free to ask anyone or just PM me.

What’s your budget.

thanks, I think I getting a supernova, go BIG and a façade:) sorry for asking so much

Hva har du fra før, da?


What i was trying to say in Norwegian, was:
Which yoyo’s do you got?

I belived you said, and what did you asked for then. Sorry for misunderstanding. I got a genesis + which is to heavy, without hubstacks too.

If you’re not pleased with the Genesis, have you considered going buy/sell/trade and using that to get something like a Facade?

I’ve answered this for you before. I am really please with the products by RecRev that I have. This is one that I don’t have yet. I just don’t like the colorway YYE currently offers and it seems RecRev is slow to re-stock or doesn’t make gigantic runs. Regardless, this one is worth it and I’d gladly hand over the money for this one.

Do you have any other yoyos? The reason I am asking is to try to determine if you’ve made any preferences or if you have any preferences for shapes, weights and other factors. We can tell that you feel the Genesis + is too heavy even without the stacks. Somehow, the Genesis+ made my wants list, but I can’t tell you why because I don’t see it on YYE at the moment, but it might be because it was stacked. At a listed 70.7 grams, it’s kinda heavy, but nothing way out of line for a stacked throw. It’s full sized at 56mm, generously wide at 43mm and a decent 4.07mm gap.

There’s so many amazing things out there. Personally, this or the DiBase or the other one you were interested in(I forget which, it may have been the Di Base) are amazing, super affordable and really no compromise designs. It does come down to preferences. Since you’re going to get stuck for international shipping, that’s going to eat into your factors. Also, you might see if you can get bulk strings closer.

the genesis+ is little bit too heavy. And I’m really sorry for asking the same things twice. But anyway, thanks for awesome answer.

Ask all you want.

Spending money on something, one should have the most information you can to make an informed decision.

What else do you have besides the Genesis +? Have you had the chance to play anything else? What were your impressions on those other yoyos?

You’ve mentioned an interest in the SuperNova and the Facade. What others?

The Go Big is an off-string, so I don’t want to consider that for this set of questions. I prefer the Fiesta XX myself.

but the fiesta is all plastic, don’t it break if you don’t catch on the string?

I’ve tried protostar(awesome but I prefer al metal) and the dv888(also awesome) but he best one I’ve tried is the avalanche CLYW 28 stories. So I prefer al metal but I love plastic too.
Supernova is the yoyo I’m shore I’m going to get. I been looking at it for months now. But now I’m not shore about the go big and facade. That’s why I want help about some of this yoyos.

instead of the facade, I would get a mangaroo. fantastic, recrev is just great.

Been dropping it for months. Sure, the rim has nicks all over it, but the yoyo itself is fine. Celcon is amazingly durable.

4A throws are built with the concept of “you’re gonna drop it” in mind. Some tricks actually involve bouncing it off the ground.

Okay Thanks

Im getting di base, supernova, popstar and psg. And a medium contest bag and bearing and stuff. I’m waiting with 4a. Thanks guys