best throw?

i’ll be getting a nice big pay check of around $500 dollars soon.i intend to get ONE new yoyo.any ideas of what this would be? and for once, price is not a factor.


Nice dude! maybe you cold give us your preferred specs? Size, shape, weight, response, bearing?

But if I were to suggest a yoyo, a yuuksta is really nice. Very fast, no vibe, undersized, h-shaped,very smooth, looks really nice. With your budget, you could also get a crucial or ten ball bearing (you could get a few). Another one that I heard was really good was the yff dna. Yoyoskills has a very good review on it. It is a fullsized 888 with hub stacks. If you prefer heavier yoyos, then you could get the mutant dna

well,i dig H shapes,lighter is nice, typically stock response is fine, and 10 balls and KonKaves are awesome.

and typically i like smaller yoyos

Any other preferences? Shape? Size? Grinds? Easy thumb grinds? Or just any other preference. And you skill.

I wouldn’t suggest such an expensive yoyo if you are in around advanced. I would recommend the Raptor or Yuuksta since you have such a budget. They can do tricks well, and are just as good as almost any other yoyo. Y-Factor also a choice.

But if you are a skilled person waiting for an upgrade, the One Drop 54 is a great deal. Changable side effects for different weight, and floatness. And I think I was told that they can also rotate like hubstacks.
Genesis or DNA are not a bad choice. Great too. And the SPYY Supra and SPYY Pro are super good yoyo’s.

aight.heard anything on the rev-1 overhaul?

I only know that the rev-1 overhaul is light, but you can adjust the weight using the weight ring, it is really smooth too