Choosing a new 1A yoyo

Hi guys i´m looking for a new yoyo but i couldn´t find wish one is the best i´m wondering someone could help me recommending me a yoyo and why you think is the best.
i have some yoyos on mind but i wouldn´t mention them because i want to hear fresh ideas thanks :wink:

Well my budget its around 150 dollars and i would like a totally unresponsive yoyo with a great spin time, but respect the size im not sure because i dont know the diferenses between a full size yoyo and and undersized yoyo does they have some advantage or disadvantage someone told me undersized yoyos are too unstable and you cant do long horizontal tricks but i have never trow a undersized yoyo (i have a duncan raptor) also i dont like oversized yoyos. I prefer butterfly shapes and i have no problem with the weight and with the response sistem (i have never tried all of them if you can told me the differences between the responses sistems i would appreciate it) well i wonder its sufficient info an i hop you can help me thanks for your time

What’s your budget? Do you like full or undersized? What shape do you want? Can you bind? You need to tell us what YOU like, then we can give you an awesome reccomendation! I personally love the One Drop CODE1. :slight_smile:

Exactly what big cat said. Need to at least know undersized/full, if you can find, and price range. Regardless i will recommend the RecRev Oscillatrix :slight_smile:

I find the difference between full sized, oversized and undersized mostly comes down to personal preference. It does seem that the oversized ones tend to be a bit more “floaty” and smaller yoyos tend to be faster, but that’s not a rule, because the shape and weight also factor in to yoyo performance.

For me, I notice most oversized yoyos tend to be a bit slower/floaty and heavier. I like slower and heavier at the moment and that is my preference. But I also regularly play stuff in a variety of sizes, shapes and weights.

Going back to an earlier posting from Big Cat, it would be helpful if you were to provide some guidelines as to what you have already and what you do and don’t like about what you already have. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of great stuff out there, but what is right for you is the bigger question. With your budget, there’s not a whole lot out of your reach and the odds are in your favor of finding what you want, but until you decide you’re going to have a ton of information to sift through.

Well i have a duncan raptor but this yoyo is not too unresponsive so y cant do grinding tricks also im looking for a yoyo whish i can do most of tricks without problem i don´t like over sized yoyos but full size and oversized are fine for me. Also i want a fast yoyo (but stable) and with an acceptable spin time. I prefer butterfly shapes insted of H shapes and i think is all i hope this information helps more thanks

with that high of a budget, you can get just about anything. (minus yoyo joker, and yyr unless it’s through the b/s/t)

Personally I’d go with an irony gba. It’s not the best for grinds, but it does everything else really really well.

Actually, most of the 1A yoyos on the market can do any trick you want. The difference is how it feels in your hand, and how well it suits your playing style. For example, if you want to go for speed, you would want a yoyo that is light enough, with an evenly distributed weight. However, if you want to go for grinding, you would go for something that is wide enough, and heavy enough. So I think you might want to give some information on your preferences, so that the yoyo most suited for your needs can be selected.

hmm… seems the chief is coming out soon :slight_smile:

Your preferences play a big part in what you’re going to buy. For example, I like yoyos that are in the 66-70 gramish weight range, but weight distribution plays a big part. I don’t like extreme H shaped throws. I’m more into butterfly (traditional) or V Shaped yoyos. I like my yoyos to play at a more medium pace. I like silicone response better than pad response, but it’s not a big deal to me as long as it accepts a standard .555 pad. I like yoyos that take a bit of effort to move around the string, makes it feel more controlled to me. What do you like? Then we can recommend something for you. I would recommend anything from CLYW for you, but that’s just because I really like CLYW. They just do it for me.

I second this notion.

ok i alredy modify my preferences XD

Take a look at the h-spin line of yoyos, the NVx looks really cool and has a really cool shape, that will be different then your raptor (this is important in my opinion for peaple with smaller collections as then you can throw something different instead of having two of like the same throw).